A Look At The All New 2023 Ford Transit Custom

By Emily Fletcher
A Look At The All New 2023 Ford Transit Custom
Britain's top-selling vehicle has just got better. Ford last introduced a Ford Transit Custom model 11 years ago. Recently, they revealed the all-new 2023 Ford Transit Custom. Originally acclaimed for its sturdiness and dependability, the new Transit Custom has been created with productivity and next-generation connectivity at its core.

2023 Ford Transit Custom Interior

The 2023 Ford Transit Custom boasts a combination of durable materials, impressive comfort, practical storage, and useful equipment.

The Ford Transit Custom's driver's seat is among the finest in van models. Featuring eight-way standard adjustment, even on the basic models, to accommodate drivers of varying sizes and shapes. The seat's firm padding provides a level of comfort and support that will be appreciated by individuals who spend extended periods driving. Making it the perfect van for workers who frequently travel across the nation.

The dashboard and cabin design of the Ford Transit Custom are sleek and resemble the look of Ford's passenger cars. People who drive a Ford Focus will recognise the steering wheel, audio controls, and air vents. The gear lever is higher up, like a van, but is still easy to reach without needing to twist or bend over in traffic

2023 Ford Transit Custom Exterior

The exterior has a range of features, including:

  • Sleek coating of paint with large, spacious doors for easy equipment loading. This is on the all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and the eco-blue diesel.
  • Striking new grille design with a coast-to-coast chrome bar and signature LED lights.
  • Efficient powertrain options, including a range of 2-litre EcoBlue diesel engines for improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. This is offered for the eco-blue diesel vehicle with an all-new AWD (automatic only)
  • Equipped with geofencing to automatically switch to the all-electric mode for trips into low-emission areas. Again, available on the ecoblue diesel.

How Safe is The 2023 Ford Transit Custom Exterior?

The van now has side-wind stabilisation to counter gusts of wind, trailer sway control (if you have towing attachments), and hill start assist. Other safety features are available as optional extras, including lane keep assist, auto high beam lights, and blind spot warning lights. The most useful safety feature is the rear crossing alert, which warns you if someone is driving behind you while you're reversing from a blind parking spot or driveway.


The loading bay is still the same in the recent updates because it works well.

It can hold up to three Euro pallets even in the shorter model, and the load-through hatch adds extra loading space. The payloads vary from almost 700 kg to almost 1500kg, which is comparable to the best in its class. The plug-in hybrid model can carry the same amount of weight as the diesel model, which is more than 1100kg. Even though the batteries are heavier, the lighter petrol engine makes it possible.

Quality and Finish

The entry-level Leader trim has a lot of black parts like the steering wheel, gear lever, and air vents. The Trend trim makes the cabin look brighter with chrome accents on the gear lever, door handles, steering wheel, and brake lever.

The Limited trim has some shiny chrome around the air vents and a closed glove box, and the gear lever is made of leather. The Sport trim has a unique information display and seats made of part leather. All models use tough materials that can handle hits from tools or wood.


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