Fair Wear and Tear

Obviously, the whole team here at MW Vehicle Contracts are convinced that vehicle leasing is the best option for the vast majority of people. Whether that’s down to the great value special offers on Cars, Vans or Pickups, our consultative approach, where we will help you find the best vehicle and funding options to match your needs or simply the fact that we speak your language and understand your needs.

Either way, we like to help, plus we understand that you may have concerns when it comes to handing back your vehicle at the end of your contract. 

Let us put your mind at ease by explaining the procedure (in brief) to you.

Firstly, it’s important to know that there is nothing to panic about, the process is very straightforward and transparent. All our Funders use the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) Fair Wear and Tear Guide for consistency so we have included a summary of the main points for you below.

Have a look and if you still have any concerns or would like a full copy of the guide please pick up the phone or use our contact us page to talk to someone from our team, remember we are always here to help. If, when it comes to it there are any faults with your vehicle you can either choose to put them right yourself or the funder can do this for you at an agreed price.

Please note when using the checklist, there are slightly different rules for Cars and Commercial Vehicles. Here are some of the most common concerns our customers have which are covered by the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guide

To hand back with your Vehicle:

Firstly, if you’re a customer of MW Vehicle Contracts simply contact a member of the team and we will be happy to arrange collection for you.

From there you must remember to hand back everything you were given with and for the vehicle at delivery. This is fairly obvious but includes things like Keys, owner’s manual, service history, spare wheel etc... (If you are not sure about something you can check with one of our team.)

What not to hand back with your Vehicle:

Equally, you must remember the funder doesn’t want your music CDs, road maps, sunglasses etc. And do please, for security reasons, remember to delete stored locations from your Satellite Navigation System.

Your own Vehicle Check before collection:

Use our summary of points below and run your eyes over your vehicle before you arrange collection. Again, if you’re a customer of MW Vehicle Contracts we can arrange collection for you. Make sure it is clean first to help see any damage. Do this in natural daylight, not late evening when it is getting dark. Also, it helps to make sure the car is dry for spotting any scratches. If you have an idea of the condition of your vehicle when you hand it back then there will be no unexpected surprises when you get your report.

Sign writing, Stickers and Cleaning:

Sign writing can often be tricky to remove and even after removal can leave marks. You may want to consider professional removal, but we would recommend talking to a member of the team for more information before taking on the task yourself. Call us on 0116 259 9548 or use our contact us page

Also, check for any bad odours or stains inside the vehicle, you may need to have it professionally cleaned if you think there is evidence of these.

Vehicle Body and Paint: 

Cars: Chips and scratches up to 10cm and scuffs and abrasions up to 2cm are accepted as long as they can be removed by mechanical polishing.

Vans: Chips, scratches, scuffs and abrasions up to 10cm are accepted, provided they can be removed by mechanical polishing.

Cars and Vans: Less than two small (up to 2cm) dents per panel are accepted as well as small areas of stone chipping provided they are corrosion free. Unfortunately, the funder cannot accept incorrect repaint work where there is a colour difference and any paint discolouration due to impact; and no incorrect repair work, please.

Grille and Bumper:

Cars: Again, chips and scratches up to 10cm and scuffs and abrasions up to 2cm, if they can be removed easily, are ok; and dents up to 2cm with a maximum of 2 per bumper or grille are acceptable.

Vans: Scratches, scuffs and abrasions up to 10cm are ok if they can be removed easily and dents up to 2cm with a maximum of 2 per bumper or grille.

Cars and Vans: Our funders will accept discolouration through external impacts such as weather conditions, but can’t accept damage due to incorrect usage of chemicals. Neither is the funder able to accept broken, cracked or deformed grilles and bumpers.

Tyre Wear and Wheel Rims: 

Cars and Vans: Your tyres must meet local legal requirements (we can help you with this) and the funders will accept one scratch, scuff or abrasion on the wheel trim, rim or alloy up to 10cm. For safety reasons they cannot accept tyres that have been kerbed or have bulges, cracks or cuts or have been penetrated by a foreign object. They will not accept a deformed or broken trim, rim or alloy or any evidence of corrosion.

Glazing and Lights:

Cars and Vans: On the windscreen chips less than 1cm are ok as long as they are not in the A Zone of the screen (please ask if you are unsure). Stone chips are also accepted on the headlights, fog lights or indicators providing they haven’t affected its function or broken the glass.

Mirrors and External Fittings:

Cars: For painted mirror cases, scuffs and scratches are ok up to 5cm if they can be easily removed. The funder cannot accept any damage caused by tow bar removal.

Vans: Scuffs, scratches and scores up to 5cm are acceptable. Added antennas or roof fittings must function and comply with road safety as well as be approved for your vehicle. Where any external fittings have been removed, make sure the affected area has been properly repaired.

Interior of the Vehicle:

Cars and Vans: Stains and odours that can be removed by general cleaning (not specialist cleaning) are acceptable; as is wear and tear to seats and panels due to general usage. The funders are unable to accept holes left by equipment removal or any cuts, gouges or loose threads evident on the steering wheel.

Loading Area:

Vans only: Funders will accept chips and scratches up to 10cm and scuffs and abrasions up to 2cm if easily removable. 2cm dents are ok as long as less than 2 per panel. Small areas of stone chipping are also ok as long as there is no corrosion. They cannot accept incorrect repair or repaint work or any paint discolouration through impact like incorrect chemical usage.

Sills and Door Seals:

Vans only: Scuffs, scratches and abrasions are acceptable providing they don’t affect the functioning of the bumpers, lights or doors.

We have given you a summarised version of the Fair Wear and Tear document to help you not only check your vehicle before collection but also help put your mind at rest and help you to see that leasing your next vehicle is a worthwhile consideration. We hope this has helped you understand what will happen and what you need to do. If there is anything you are unsure about or require further explanation or clarification of please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. We appreciate there will be areas of ambiguity and are more than happy to help you understand more clearly what is expected.

While you are here why not have a look for your next vehicle? We have some great deals and we pride ourselves in exceptional customer service.