Our Alfa Romeo Giulia Review

By Libby Foster
Our Alfa Romeo Giulia Review
The Alfa Romeo Giulia is an alternate option for anyone looking for a new executive car but tired of the class's overly familiar German saloons. The Giulia may not be an apparent choice, but it should not be rejected as weird or unreasonable (unlike some previous Alfas). It maintains the history of good-looking Italian vehicles, and it also has the substance to back up that aesthetic.

Want to learn about the Alfa Romeo Giulia?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, unlike its front-wheel-drive predecessors, features rear-wheel drive, allowing it to fit more comfortably alongside its driver-focused rivals. The use of lightweight aluminium in the car's structure and bodywork improves fuel economy and cornering poise. But, who are the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s main competitors and how does it compare? Let’s take a closer look together! 

Alfa Romeo Giulia Drive

Two 2.0-litre petrol engines, one with 197 horsepower and the other with 276 horsepower, make up the Alfa Romeo Giulia's simple powertrain lineup. The Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV), a performance car with 503 horsepower, is also available and has been assessed individually. With each of them, an eight-speed automatic transmission is included.

With the exception of the loud QV, we like the Veloce and Estrema models' stronger engines. It matches the car's dynamic handling better and is notably punchier than the base Sprint. From the driver's seat, the claimed 5.7 seconds to 62 mph really feel pretty cautious, and the engine has remarkably little turbo lag for a little engine, so it reacts quickly to the pedal. Using the fixed metal paddle shifters behind the wheel to change gears is a complete joy.

Due in large part to its quick and direct steering, even the entry-level Sprint model has a lovely handling balance and is enjoyable to drive in curves. Compared to the somewhat heavier steering of the BMW 3 Series, some drivers might find it less comforting, but it doesn't take long to get used to the Giulia's rapid reactions.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior 

The low-set driver's seat of the Alfa Romeo Giulia enables you to assume a sporty, hunched-down position. The thin steering wheel has plenty of adjustment options, and even the entry-level Sprint model includes a six-way electrically adjustable seat. The extremely big shifter paddles are so far back behind the steering wheel that you have to strain to reach the indicator and wiper stalks, which is the one drawback.

Between the traditional instrument dials is a 7.0-inch digital driver display that may be set up to show driving directions or other information just out of your field of sight. Though it's not as customisable as the excellent Virtual Cockpit in the Audi A4.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Everything on the dashboard is placed logically, and all the necessary knobs and buttons are located exactly where you'd expect them to be. Even the air conditioning has tactile controls, which are significantly simpler to use while driving than the digital ones in the Volvo S60.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Space

The Alfa Romeo Giulia isn't the simplest executive car to get into because of its low roofline and low-set seats, but once you're inside, you'll discover that it accommodates larger folks pretty nicely. Unless you are considerably taller than six feet, there is plenty of headroom everywhere. Although they might need a little more under-thigh support, the front seats are quite large, flexible, and pleasant. For an even tighter fit, the range-topping Estrema trim adds leather and Alcantara sports seats.

There is also a fair amount of head and leg room in the back seats, more than in the Volvo S60 but less than in the BMW 3 Series.

With a boot that is shorter and narrower than the 3 Series and S60's, the Giulia can only fit six carry-on luggage as opposed to the rivals' seven. Look at the Skoda Superb, which can carry 10 carry-on cases, if you want an even larger boot and are willing to give up the premium badge.

Our Verdict 

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a pleasure to drive, offering a variety of smooth engines and genuinely athletic performance. With the most recent interior improvements, it presents a compelling alternative to the typical German suspects.

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