Automatic vs. Manual; Everything You Need to Know

By Libby Foster
Automatic vs. Manual; Everything You Need to Know
When you’re looking for a new car, there are a range of factors you need to consider. Price and practicality are probably the most important, but a decision most people struggle to make nowadays is whether to go manual or automatic. Although manual is still the most widely driven transmission in the UK, automatic cars are quickly gaining popularity due to their lack of gears and ease of driving. When looking at vehicle leasing, there are a few things you need to consider before opting for either transmission.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we have a range of car, pickup and van leasing deals for both private and business use. With a collection of the latest models to choose from, you can have a brand new car on a leasing contract suitable for all kinds of budgets. It’s important to note that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to transmission, so you should make a decision based on the factors that matter to you. Are you looking for a car lease deal, but aren’t sure whether to opt for manual or automatic? Read our article below to weigh up the pros and cons of both.

Ease of Drive

One of the most attractive qualities when it comes to automatic vehicles is that they’re much easier to drive. They don’t have gears unlike a manual car, meaning there’s no danger of stalling or constantly going up and down in gears when changing speed. Automatic gearboxes offer a seamless transition between gears, and can reduce the leg-ache that can occur when changing gears in a manual vehicle. Automatic’s are also recommended if you want to pass your driving test fast, although you won’t be able to drive a manual if you pass in an automatic car.

Although automatics are better for driving in traffic and changing gears, manuals have their perks too. You have greater control in a manual, as you choose what gear to be in. This makes them much easier to control in harsh conditions, such as snow or ice. Having that control over the gears makes some drivers feel safer and in control, whereas automatics change gears based on sensors. Here at MWVC, we have a range of manual and automatic vehicle leasing deals perfect for everyone. You can view our special offers on cars, vans and pickups here.


If you’re looking at buying a car upfront, on finance or lease, manuals are cheaper than automatics. If you’re on a budget, it’s usually best to look towards manuals. This could be down to the fact that automatics are less popular in the UK, meaning there is less demand. Automatics also cost more to maintain, as their design is more complex than their manual counterparts. This means that insurance premiums tend to be more expensive overall, and manuals are cheaper to repair if they break down, unless it’s the clutch that fails.

Here at MWVC, all of our vehicle leasing contracts come with fixed monthly rentals, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra on interest. Our Ford Ranger lease deals come in either manual or automatic transmissions, making them the perfect pickup for anyone’s preference. We offer free delivery of any vehicle across the UK, leaving you to relax and be worry-free concerning extra payments.


It is often assumed that automatic vehicles have more speed than their manual counterparts, as you aren’t having to take a break in acceleration to change gear. This can be true in some instances, as newer automatics with dual clutches are catching up in the speed department. Overall, manuals are much better if you’re looking to gain speed more efficiently. Their gearboxes transfer power from the engine to the wheels much faster, and you can skip gears if you wish.

However, when driving in traffic, you don’t have to worry about clutch control or stalling in an automatic, making it much quicker in setting off. Overall, if you’re used to driving in urban areas or you’re more prone to being stuck in traffic, automatics are the better option. They’re also the optimal choice for people with limited mobility or disabilities. If you’re used to travelling long distances or on faster roads, manuals are the way to go. However, it’s predicted that manual cars may be a thing of the past in 10 years.

Here at MWVC, we offer a range of vehicle leasing deals on both automatic and manual transmission. If you require more information, please get in touch with us by calling 0116 259 9548.