What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Fleet of Vans?

By Lauren Bagnall
What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Fleet of Vans?

Looking into leasing a fleet of vans?

When you start a new business, or you’re an established company looking to update and rebrand, vehicle leasing can help you save money and provide your employees with the best vehicles around. Most businesses opt for a van leasing deal, as vans offer the most practical space and size for carrying out important tasks. Looking towards a singular or small van lease deal might be optimal for some, but others need a whole fleet to really allow them to carry out their jobs effectively…

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we have a wide variety of car, pickup and van leasing deals perfectly suited to your business’s budget and preferences. We can deliver all of our vehicles directly to your address across mainland UK, where your contract and fixed monthly rentals will never change. All of our commercial vehicles are up-to-date and completely brand new, providing your businesses with vans you can be proud of. If you’re considering a fleet of vans for your business, read our handy tips below.

Better Value For Money

In today’s day and age, financing and leasing are becoming much more popular options for personal usage and businesses alike. Making monthly rentals allows people to spread the cost effectively, and not have to make a large payment outright. Buying a vehicle at full price, no matter whether you have the immediate funds or not, can put a huge dent in your finances or savings. Leasing your next fleet of vehicles, following your initial rental, will cost you monthly rentals that never change throughout your contract, allowing you to monitor what comes out of your account each month.

Here at MWVC, we have a full collection of van leasing special offers perfect for your business’s preferences and budget. The all-new Ford Transit Connect is just £148.25* per month ex. VAT with us, perfect for smaller businesses who specialise in particular trades such as electricians or plumbers. To view the rest of our special offers, please visit us here.

Set a Good Example and Reputation

Some businesses may not think too much about the look of their vans; it gets the job done, so why worry? However, customers or potential clients may be put off by an old, dilapidated van as it may come across as unprofessional or unreliable. By looking towards leasing your next fleet of vans, you and your employees can enjoy a shiny new van that sends the right message to clients on the road and sets a professional, established reputation.

All of our vehicles are completely brand new and come with the latest technology that your employees can enjoy. The all-electric Mercedes-Benz e-Vito is available on a nationwide leasing deal of just £176.99* per month ex.VAT, and can help you lower your carbon footprint as well as save you money. We have a whole selection of electric vans on special offer, which you can view here.

An Employee Perk; Attracting the Best Talent

When you’re trying to recruit the best talent, they may need to see some perks of the job in order to choose your business. Some companies may provide enticing bonus schemes and flexible hours, but imagine being promised a state of the art van that you can take home with you as well as use for jobs. It may end up being the factor that sways the decision in your business’s favour. New vans come with better technology and safety features, allowing your employees to enjoy a smoother, worry-free drive.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our car, pickup and van leasing company in Leicester is a business you can trust. The Nissan NV300 is hard to beat for style, and for just £189.07* per month ex. VAT, you can save your business money in the years to come. To find out more about the vehicles we have on offer, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and a friendly member of our sales team will be happy to assist.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing