Benefits of Vehicle Leasing for Businesses

By Lauren Bagnall
Benefits of Vehicle Leasing for Businesses

When looking for your next vehicle, whether it be car, van or pickup, you should always consider leasing as a viable option. It's a great way to manage your money, drive around in the latest model, and keep up to date with the best safety features. These particular reasons are what entice businesses into vehicle leasing, as well as a range of other attractive advantages that make it the perfect payment choice.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide car, pickup and van leasing for both private and business lease alike. With a range of leasing deals suited to your budget and preferences, we can deliver your brand new vehicle to any home in mainland UK free of charge. Are you a business owner who's considering leasing your next set of vehicles? Read our article to discover just some of the many benefits today.

Better Cash Flow and Management

If you choose to pay for a vehicle upfront, it can leave a big hole in your finances, and you may not have enough saved over if you fall on hard times. Therefore, by making simple monthly rentals, you can track exactly how much is going in and out of your business account, making it easier for you to manage. After making your initial rental, you can enjoy knowing when and how much you'll be paying each month.

Here at MWVC, we have an extensive collective of car, pick up and van leasing deals perfect for all kinds of businesses. With a range of contracts for vehicles suitable for business use, you can choose your favourite vehicle based upon your own personal preferences. You can view our range of special offers for cars here.

Avoid Depreciation

If cash flow is tight, the last thing you want to do is become tied up in business loans and overdrafts. Also, once you find you no longer need the vehicle, it can decrease in cost over time, meaning it's more likely you'll not get as much money back for it as you need. It can also be a pain disposing of the vehicle once you’re done, as it can be incredibly time consuming, and may take someone away from their actual job. By leasing a vehicle over a set period of time, you can return the vehicle at the end of your contract and receive a brand new model, if you wish to start a new contract.

For businesses, especially those who need to travel for work, buying vehicles upfront is bad for your finances, both in the long and short term. With leasing a commercial vehicle, you don't need to worry about it decreasing in value for you to sell later, as you can simply give it back at the end of your contract.

New Vehicles Mean Professional Appearances

When visiting clients and customers in your vehicles, you need to appear as professional as possible, and this doesn't just apply to how you present yourself. By having a brand new vehicle to work with, you're providing that air of authority and professionalism that can go a long way when dealing with clients.

Here at MWVC, we have a wide range of brand new vehicles perfect for improving your reputation as a professional business. The Vauxhall Combo is optimal for transporting goods and work materials, and is currently in our special offers section at just £139.75.

Better Safety for Staff

With modern cars comes modern features, including safety enhancement to improve driver experience. This improvement in reliability and functionality can make your staff feel much safer when driving around, in turn keeping your drivers safe on the roads. What's more, there are now a range of options for better fuel economy, in turn lowering your costs to be put to better use. The all-new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is fully electric and can lower your carbon footprint significantly, perfect if you're looking for an extra incentive to entice customers.

If you're a business looking for cost-effective vehicle leasing, we can provide you with the best leasing deal suited to your budget and preferences. With a range of car, van and pick up leasing deals to choose from, you and your staff can drive around in the latest vehicles without breaking the bank. To get in touch with a member of our team today, give us a call on 0116 259 9548.