Celebrating 20 years of MW Vehicle Contracts

By Emma Williams
Celebrating 20 years of MW Vehicle Contracts

The Celebration. . . . .

The very much anticipated and very well executed 20 year Anniversary party went off with a roar on Saturday night as the band Little Lions served up a crowd pleasing selection of rock classics and MWVC and friends hit the dance floor!

Celebrating not only 20 years in business, but also winning Leaseplans Franchisee of the year award, it was a night not to be missed and massive thanks and congratulations go out to everyone involved in the planning and organization of this stupendous party. From the dramatic balloon festooned entrance to the bar pods and ceiling lights in corporate colours and the table tennis tables and games and not to mention the popular ‘Comedy Accessory’ photo booth, nothing was neglected.

There was a wonderful selection of hot food on offer and a bar that was 2 deep all night and serving up everything from soft drinks to cocktails and rather dangerous looking shots and of course the catering can’t be discussed without applauding the incredible MWVC and Van Circle cupcakes in beautiful presentation boxes that added the extra personal touch.

The party kicked off at 6.30pm and people arrived gradually making their way to the bar which was complimentary all night and food was served a little later before Little Lions hit the stage at 8pm.

The Speech. . . . .

Mark (MD of MW Vehicle Contracts) made a touching speech after Little Lions’ first set to warm applause and as the night continued and the atmosphere warmed up people started creeping onto the dance floor until around 9.30pm the place was rocking! Little Lions were serving up the right kind of music and the bar was serving up the right kind of cocktails and there were some great shapes being thrown on the dance floor.

The encore and beyond. . . . . 

Although the band finished at 11pm after a huge encore the last people didn’t leave till the early hours. From long-serving to relatively new members of staff, and friends and family I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves.

The party was to celebrate 20 successful years of MW Vehicle Contracts and the more recent creation of Van Circle and to quote one of the MW Vehicle Contracts Sales Executives, ‘At MW we’re like a family, everyone wants to do well and to help our customers find the exact vehicle they need and the atmosphere daily in the office is just great, I really enjoy my job.’

This is why MWVC and Van Circle works and enjoys longevity and welcomes back repeat business year after year, they have got the formula right.