Our 2022 Citroën C4 Car Leasing Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Citroën C4 Car Leasing Review
Definitions of the Citroen C4 are somewhat elusive. Unlike other cars, which neatly fit into a box and make it clear which competing models they were intended to outsell, this one does not. The C4 may indeed be similar in size to family hatchbacks like the Ford Focus EstateFord Focus and VW Golf EstateVolkswagen Golf, but it looks more like an SUV thanks to its raised wheel arches, high sitting position, and curving roofline. Therefore, it must be the most recent vehicle to join the expanding coupé SUV class.

Well, sort of. It appears to belong in the same class as the BMW X2 and Audi Q3 Sportback. However, the C4 is significantly less expensive and is priced near hatchbacks in addition to more conventionally styled family SUVs like the Skoda Karoq and Mazda CX-30. But how does the C4 compare to its rivals? 

Citroën C4 Drive

The only petrol engine offered for the Citroen C4 is a 1.2-litre turbo, which comes in three outputs: 99, 128 and 153 horsepower. Despite what the 11.3 seconds 0-62 mph time would indicate, the standard 99 horsepower version is a capable performer since it has a lot of mid-range shoves.

If you frequently transport passengers, you should go for the more powerful 128 bhp variant, which reduces acceleration times to 8.9 seconds, just 0.4 seconds slower than the more expensive 153 bhp. It's not a rocket ship, but it will easily get you to 70 mph and pulls harder than a Mazda CX-30 Skyactiv petrol at low rpm.

The C4 also has a 1.5-litre diesel engine that can provide 108 or 128 horsepower. The less powerful of the two has reasonably quick acceleration and can easily get you up to highway speeds. A smooth highway cruiser, the more potent model (badged BlueHDI 130) provides even lower- to mid-range shove than the 128bhp 1.2 Puretech 130 petrol.

Citroën C4 Interior 

In the Citroen C4, you sit higher than in the BMW X2 and typical hatchbacks like the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, but lower than in most SUVs. The seat itself, though missing a little inside support for corners, is comfortable on highways (adjustable lumbar support is standard across the range). It may take some adjusting to the seat height and steering wheel for some of our testers before they feel completely comfortable, so keep that in mind if you and your partner have different driving positions and will both be operating the vehicle.

Every Citroen C4 has a 10.0-inch touchscreen that is situated prominently in the centre of the dashboard. The touchscreen in the Toyota C-HRfeatures a less intuitive operating system than the rotary controllers installed in the X2 and Mazda CX-30, although it is more user-friendly than those. A DAB radio, Bluetooth, and voice control are among the many infotainment features you get, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to use the car's screen to access the apps on your phone. If you choose the Sense Plus trim, you may add a satellite navigation system with real-time traffic updates, and Shine Plus vehicles with the most range come standard with wireless smartphone charging.

Citroën C4 Space

The front of the Citroen C4 isn't very roomy, and it certainly doesn't feel as large as the internal measurement estimates would imply. You may feel a little cramped because of how near the windscreen pillars are to you, but six-footers can fit quite well, even if you choose the optional panoramic glass roof. 

The C4 has enough space for two adults to sit in the back with room to spare for their feet to pass underneath the front seats. However, they won't offer much head or leg room; in this regard, some more conventionally designed family hatchbacks and SUVs perform better. If you add a middle passenger, there won't be many areas for their shoulders, and the somewhat elevated seat will probably force them to duck.

The Citroen C4's boot is around the same size as the Toyota C-HR at 380 litres. However, the BMW X2 can fit seven pieces of carry-on luggage underneath its parcel shelf while the C4 can only fit five. Even conventional family hatchbacks like the Skoda Scala and Ford Focus can accommodate six and seven passengers, respectively.


The Citroen C4's price is highly alluring for a coupé SUV, especially with it currently being on our special offers, and it also impresses with comfort and elegance. However, you do have to deal with roly-poly handling as a price for its comfort, and there are better alternatives.

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