Common Fears When Leasing; Resolved

By Lauren Bagnall
Common Fears When Leasing; Resolved

In today's modern age, more and more people are opting to lease or finance a vehicle rather than buy it. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it allows you to drive a brand new vehicle without paying extortionate prices up front. But some people are still sceptical. In our latest article below, we aim to resolve some of the fears that individuals still have when it comes to private, business and commercial vehicle leasing.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide affordable contract vehicle leasing deals for both private and business users alike. With a wide range of brand new cars, business vans and pickup trucks to choose from, we can deliver your new motor directly to your home for free across mainland UK. We can tailor your contract to your budget and preferences, providing you with the perfect leasing deal suited to you.

I'm Scared of Being In Debt to Someone

A common fear many people have when presented with the prospect of leasing a vehicle is the worry of being constantly "in debt" to someone, and the fear of missing payments. When you take out any contract, from a mobile contract to having a house mortgage, you need to be in a position where you can pay that, but you'll have an idea of your budget before you lease. With leasing, it's simply an initial rental followed by fixed monthly rentals. Once your contract is up, there's no debt left to anyone; you simply give the vehicle back, and that's that, unless you choose to lease another vehicle of your choice.

Unless you've gone over your mileage or have taken your vehicle way past the fair wear and tear policy, you won't face any extra charges, and you can save yourself from making a big payment outright. Here at MWVC, we have a wide range of car lease deals perfectly tailored to your budget. The brand new Volvo XC60 £370.75 inc.vat per month, and is currently on special offer. You can view the rest of our car leasing offers here.

I Don't Want to Pay Interest

This is why leasing is usually the more desirable way to fund a vehicle. With personal contract purchase (PCP), not only do you make monthly payments, but you will also have to pay interest each month. At the end of your contract, you then have the option to buy the car, which will have depreciated in cost from the start of your contract. With personal contract hire (PCH), not only is there no interest to pay, but you give the car back at the end of your contract, and you can choose to opt for a brand new car on a different contract.

A popular vehicle at the moment is the brand new Ford Ranger, a double cab pickup perfect for haulage and the personal transportation of goods. We have a current Ford Ranger lease deal at £236.08, ideal if you're looking to drive the latest model for a fraction of the price.

I Don't Want to Pay For Something I Won't Own

If you're worried about never owning a car, think of it this way; why would you want to? If you pay outright for a brand new vehicle, it could set you back £20,000, or even more. Even if you think you have the money right now, you may not have any in your savings if you fall on hard times. Cars, vans and pickups lose their value over time, so paying upfront to own can be seen as a bad investment. Think of it like a house; if you knew it was going to significantly decrease in value over the years, would you buy or rent it? The most sensible answer, of course, would be to rent.

Here at MWVC, you don't have to worry about depreciation or burning through your savings. Following an initial rental determined between yourself and your sales executive, you will then pay an agreed set of monthly rental payments throughout your contract length. At the end, we will then take away your vehicle, free of charge, and give you the option to lease a brand new motor of your choosing.

What About Mileage?

Figuring out how much mileage you intend to make can be a confusing decision. When you consider what you'll be using the vehicle for, it can be made simpler. If you're still unsure, your sales executive can talk you through where you plan to go in the vehicle and can help you settle on the number of miles you predict to make. If you're using a vehicle for business or commercial purposes, you may find you need more miles, and you can discuss this with your sales executive to find a unique mileage suitable for you.

Here at MWVC, we have a vast range of van leasing deals perfect for business use. We understand the value that multiple vans can bring to a business that needs to transport goods, so we tailor our deals to suit organisations and their needs. The all-new Vauxhall Combo is currently £139.75 per month, perfect for businesses wanting to lease multiple vehicles at a fraction of the price.

If this article has eased your worries, and you're looking to lease a brand new vehicle, please give us a call today on 0116 259 9548.