Coupes vs. Hatchbacks: Which is Best for You?

By Lauren Bagnall
Coupes vs. Hatchbacks: Which is Best for You?

Which Should I Choose?

It's often been said that coupes aren't the most practical of cars; they don't have as much space as saloons or SUV's, but just because they aren't feasible for some people doesn't mean they're not the perfect choice for others. Hatchbacks are one of the most popular body types; they make great family cars and are ideal for getting you from A to B. So, is there more to the classic coupe than meets the eye? Or should you play it safe and opt for a hatchback?

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide affordable car leasing in Leicester and across the country, with vehicle leasing deals perfectly suited to all kinds of preferences and budgets. Leasing allows you to drive a brand-new car at a fraction of the price of buying outright, providing you with a shiny new motor with all the latest features. If you're torn between a coupe and a hatchback, read our article below to decide which one is the best choice for you.

Coupes Have More Attractive Features

One of the main reasons why individuals choose a coupe as their next car is because they're incredibly attractive to both look at and drive. Despite the fact that they only have two doors, some still have enough space for passengers, whereas smaller coupes put style over space. The omission of these doors, along with a more sloped roof, allows for more freedom in the car's curvature and styling. There aren't many cars that look as good as a coupe, so if you're looking to impress your neighbours or friends, a coupe might well be a perfect choice.

Here at MWVC, we have a wide range of car leasing deals perfect if you're looking for a coupe without paying outright. This stunning BMW Series 4 coupe has all the desirable features of a sleek, stylish sports car, and costs just £393.82* per month inc. VAT. All of our car, pickup and van leasing deals come at fixed monthly rentals, with an initial rental tailored to your preferences. To view our full collection of car leasing deals and special offers, please visit us here.

Both Can be Handled Optimally

Coupes are compactly designed with a sloping roof, making them faster and easier to handle than bigger, bulkier vehicles. They're slimmer and have a lower centre of gravity, and they also boast an overall improved balance and braking system. A car that's easier to handle can ensure a smoother drive for you and your passengers, proving that a coupe is more than just its attractive design.

Despite this, smaller hatchbacks are great for handling, and can sometimes work out cheaper than a coupe too. The all-new Ford Focus hatchback has been praised by Autocar for having "superbly pliant” handling, and is one of the very best for driver appeal. We currently have the new Ford Focus for just £225.47* per month inc. VAT, with all-new safety features for an excellent drive.

Are you Single, in a Couple or a Family?

The size of your household can heavily influence the type of car you get. Coupes won't be ideal if you have a family, whereas hatchbacks may be too large for single people or couples who want a stylish vehicle. The smaller back seats of a coupe aren't practical if you need to fit car seats or need a little extra storage for big family shops, which is why they're often driven by singles. Hatchbacks come in different sizes, so no matter how big your family is, there's a variant out there for you.

The all-new Citroen C3 hatchback is a great car for getting you from A to B, whether you're off to the shops or driving to work. It has 'air bumps' on its doors, making it a great choice if you commonly park in small spaces and want to avoid dents and scrapes. It's currently just £199.93* per month inc. VAT with us here at MWVC, perfect if you're on a budget.

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*all pricings correct at time of publishing