Cupra Born Review: Everything You Need To Know

By Emily Fletcher
Cupra Born Review: Everything You Need To Know
Introducing the Cupra Born, the first all-electric model by the up-and-coming, brand. In this comprehensive review, we delve into every aspect of this remarkable vehicle, providing you with a detailed understanding of its interior features, practical aspects, and safety considerations.

Why Lease a Cupra Born?

Cupra Born Interior

Regardless of the chosen trim, the Cupra Born offers two very notable features.

Firstly, there is a digital pod located behind the steering wheel, equipped with a small yet clear 5.3-inch display that presents crucial information such as speed and remaining range.

Secondly, on the side, you'll find a rotary-style gear selector resembling the one previously seen in the now-discontinued BMW i3.

The seating position concerning the steering wheel and pedals are highly favourable, providing a relaxed sensation, while the well-designed seats offer a comfortable experience.

Cupra Born Exterior

The front design of the Cupra Born presents a notably sharper appearance compared to the ID3. It incorporates eye-catching copper-coloured badges and trim inserts, adding an extra touch of visual appeal. The wheels come in sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inches, while at the rear, a sleek LED light bar stretches across the tailgate, enhancing the car's overall stylish aesthetic

Driving and Comfort

The Cupra Born offers two battery options: 58kWh and 77kWh. Regardless of the chosen battery size, both versions come with a single electric motor that powers the rear wheels. Tests have shown that the 58kWh variant achieved a commendable 0-60mph acceleration in just 7.0 seconds.

For those interested, the Cupra Born offers an optional e-Boost feature that allows for even faster acceleration. By opting for this upgrade, you can enjoy a temporary increase in power, resulting in an official 0-62mph time of 6.6 seconds, a noticeable improvement from the standard configuration

Regarding comfort, the Cupra Born offers a commendable level of comfort, effectively cushioning the impact of uneven surfaces and road bumps/pot-holes.


When searching for the perfect car, it's important to consider how well it accommodates both people and clutter. Below, we provide a comprehensive review of the front and rear sections of the Cupra Born.


The Cupra Born boasts a spacious front cabin that ensures you will never face any issues with limited space. Even individuals who are 6 feet or taller will find abundant leg and headroom. Additionally, the wide interior of the Cupra Born prevents any discomfort of rubbing shoulders with fellow passengers, making it particularly well-suited for long road trips.

Additionally, the central area near the dashboard in the Cupra Born features two cup holders and an additional storage compartment capable of accommodating items like keys, a wallet, or similar-sized belongings. The door bins are spacious and conveniently capable of holding large bottles without any difficulty


The rear seating area of the Cupra Born offers enough space to comfortably accommodate a passenger who is at least 6 feet tall sitting behind another individual of the same height, without feeling cramped.

However, it is worth noting that there isn't a significant amount of extra head or legroom available.


The Cupra Born received a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, with impressive scores in various categories.

Adult protection achieved a remarkable 93%, while child occupant safety was slightly lower at 89%. Vulnerable road user protection received a rating of 73%, and safety assist was rated at 80%.

All Born models come equipped with the brand's Keyless Go system, along with an alarm system that includes interior monitoring, a backup horn, and towing protection. Anti-theft wheel bolts are also standard across the entire range.


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