Discover the 2024 Fiat Scudo with MW Vehicle Contracts

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Discover the 2024 Fiat Scudo with MW Vehicle Contracts

Welcome to MW Vehicle Contracts' overview of the 2024 Fiat Scudo, a standout in the world of versatile vehicles. This latest model of the Scudo, renowned for its adaptability and efficiency, marks a significant upgrade from its predecessors, tailored to meet both personal and business needs. With its sleek design, advanced technological features, and impressive performance, the 2024 Fiat Scudo is designed to cater to a wide range of requirements. Whether you're looking for a reliable workhorse for your business or a comfortable, spacious vehicle for family outings, the Scudo promises to exceed expectations. At MWVC, we're committed to guiding you through the best leasing options for this exceptional model, ensuring you find a deal that perfectly aligns with your needs and lifestyle

Design and Features of the 2024 Fiat Scudo

2024 Fiat Scudo

Interior Design and Space

The 2024 Fiat Scudo stands out for its spacious and thoughtfully designed interior. It offers comfortable seating and ample storage, making it both practical and comfortable for long journeys. The cabin layout has been ergonomically designed to maximise comfort, providing plenty of legroom and headspace. The use of high-quality materials throughout the cabin gives it a luxurious feel, with well-placed compartments and cubbies for easy storage. The Sun's interior is designed not only for practicality but also for a premium feel, ensuring a pleasant experience for both driver and passengers.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance

The Scudo's fuel efficiency is a highlight, offering significant savings on fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint. It features a range of efficient engines that provide great mileage and a smooth driving experience. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the Scudo's engine power is commendable, delivering responsive performance. This combination of fuel economy and power makes the Scudo a top choice in its class.

Safety Features and Technology

Safety and technology in the 2024 Fiat Scudo include an array of advanced driver assistance systems, ensuring a safer driving experience. It comes equipped with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring. The vehicle also boasts excellent connectivity options, including integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for seamless access to apps, hands-free calls, and music streaming. These features not only enhance safety but also provide a modern and connected driving experience.

Versatility for Business and Personal Use

The Fiat Scudo's design caters to both business and personal use, offering a wide range of customization options. Its flexible interior can be easily adapted to accommodate different cargo or passenger needs. The vehicle is designed with low maintenance costs in mind, combining a reliable engine with a durable build.

Comfort and Infotainment

The Scudo ensures comfort akin to a passenger car, with a stress-free driving position and compactness ideal for longer journeys. Its infotainment system includes options like a 5'' or 10'' touchscreen display, DAB radio, MP3 player, USB inputs, and WIFI connection. The system is also prepared for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, allowing safe and easy smartphone connectivity.

Variants and Customisation of the 2024 Fiat Scudo

The 2024 Fiat Scudo offers a range of variants designed to suit diverse needs, making it a flexible option for both commercial and personal use.

Panel Van: The Scudo Panel Van comes in two lengths: standard (M) and long-wheelbase (XL). The standard version measures around 5m in length, while the XL version is approximately 5.3m. This difference provides extra space, translating into a larger loading bay volume. The XL variant can accommodate up to 6.6m³, offering ample room for cargo.

Crew Cab: The Crew Cab variant increases seating capacity from three to six, adding a second row of seats. This version balances passenger comfort with cargo space, making it suitable for businesses that require both personnel and equipment transport.

Platform Chassis Cab: This variant provides a base for custom bodies like flatbeds or specialised vehicles. It follows the popular platform of the larger Fiat Ducato, catering to those who need a vehicle customised for specific commercial uses. We invite you to contact us to discuss your unique requirements. Our team is ready to assist you in customising a vehicle that perfectly fits your business needs. Let's explore the possibilities together and find the perfect vehicle configuration for you

Interior and Customisation

Panel Van Interior: The interior of the Scudo Panel Van is designed for durability, with a focus on functionality. Seat configuration options include a bench seat with storage underneath or individual seats for added passenger comfort. The Magic Cargo functionality allows the extension of the loading area up to 3.67m in the Medium version and 4.02m in the Maxi XL variant.

Cargo Transport: For cargo transport, the Scudo can be customised with shelving, storage solutions, and secure cargo areas. The Magic Cargo functionality is particularly useful for carrying long or bulky materials, providing flexibility in loading.

Family Trips and Passenger Transport: For family or passenger transport, the Scudo can be outfitted with comfortable seating, enhanced infotainment systems, and climate control. The interior is adaptable, with options to transform the front seat into a temporary table, useful for laptops or as a dining space.

Towing and Load Capacity: The Fiat Scudo's towing capacity is up to 2 tonnes, making it capable of handling substantial loads. This, combined with its cargo capacity, makes it a versatile choice for various transport needs.

Additional Accessories: The Scudo offers a range of authentic accessories from Fiat Professional, including roof carriers, anti-intrusion alarms, mixed towing hook balls, mud flaps, interior protection kits, rubber floor mats, seat covers, transversal roof bars, and wind deflectors. These accessories enhance the Scudo's functionality and can be tailored to specific needs.

Performance and Technology

The Scudo is available with either a 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre diesel engine, and an all-electric option, the E-Scudo, with a 205-mile range. The larger 2-litre engines are recommended for their versatility, offering a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are included, providing features like automatic emergency braking, road sign recognition, and a grip control system for different terrain conditions.

2024 Fiat Scudo

Electric Variant: E-Scudo

The E-Scudo, Fiat's foray into the electric commercial vehicle market, offers an impressive blend of efficiency and performance, tailored for modern business needs.

Range and Battery Options

The E-Scudo is equipped with two battery options:

A 50 kWh battery, offers a range of up to 143 miles in urban cycles and up to 106 miles in combined cycles.

A 75 kWh battery, which extends the range to an impressive 205 miles under the WLTP combined cycle.

These options cater to different operational needs, whether for short urban trips or longer routes.

Charging Times and Efficiency

Charging times vary based on the battery size and the charging method. The E-Scudo supports up to 100 kW DC fast charging, significantly reducing downtime for businesses.

Charging efficiency and time can be influenced by various factors, including ambient temperature and charging infrastructure.

Environmental Benefits and Cost Savings

The Escudo's zero CO2 emissions during operation position it as an environmentally friendly choice, aligning with evolving regulations and green initiatives.

Electric vehicles, including the E-Scudo, tend to have lower running costs compared to diesel counterparts, translating into long-term savings. These savings are further enhanced by lower maintenance requirements typically associated with electric vehicles.

Driving Experience and Functionality

The E-Scudo features three driving modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport. Each mode tailors the van's response and efficiency, allowing for adaptability depending on driving conditions and range requirements.

The absence of traditional gear controls and the inclusion of regenerative braking enhance the driving experience, especially in urban settings.

Despite being electric, the E-Scudo doesn't compromise on load capacity, maintaining similar payload capabilities as its diesel variants.

Interior and Technology

The cabin of the E-Scudo mirrors that of its diesel counterpart, offering a familiar and comfortable environment. The main differences lie in the digital displays and controls specific to electric vehicle operation.

The van is equipped with a range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), ensuring a safer and more intuitive driving experience.

The E-Scudo represents a significant step forward in electric mobility for commercial vehicles, combining Fiat's reliability with the benefits of electric technology. It's an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining operational efficiency.

2024 Fiat Scudo

Embracing the Future with the 2024 Fiat Scudo

The 2024 Fiat Scudo stands out as a hallmark of versatility and innovation in the commercial vehicle sector. With its range of variants including the Panel Van, Crew Cab, and Platform Chassis Cab, it offers solutions tailored to diverse business and personal needs. The Scudo's efficient design, coupled with advanced safety features and high-end technology, cater to a wide spectrum of requirements, ensuring a comfortable and productive experience for its users.

The introduction of the E-Scudo marks Fiat's commitment to sustainable mobility. Offering up to 205 miles of range with its 75 kWh battery, the E-Scudo merges environmental consciousness with operational efficiency. Its adaptability, reduced running costs, and low environmental impact make it an ideal choice for businesses aiming for a greener footprint without compromising on performance.

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