Everything You need to know about Pickup Leasing

By Libby Foster
Everything You need to know about Pickup Leasing
At MWVC, you'll find a wide range of pickups at very low rates, available on a variety of contract lengths and mileage. Pickup Leasing gives you all of the advantages of extra storage in a commercial vehicle, as well as a spacious, comfortable cabin. But there are a couple of things you need to know before we get started. 

What is the Deal with Pickup Leasing?

Once you've found the pickup lease deal you're looking for, a member of our team will talk with you about it and go over all of your specific requirements. The qualification process will cover everything from your average yearly mileage and how long you want the vehicle to how the pickup will be used and who will most likely be driving it. This takes only a few minutes, but it allows us to fully understand each client's needs and, as a result, recommend the best type of funding for you.

The first rental of the agreement is the initial rental, which is followed by your monthly rentals. You select the amount that you discussed with your sales executive during the qualification process during the quoting stage. However, it is usually calculated as a multiple of the monthly rental and is three, six, or nine times the monthly rental. With MWVC, initial rentals of one or 12 times are also possible.

The term refers to the length of the agreement and, as a result, the length of time you will have the vehicle. Contract hire agreements last between 24 and 60 months, or two to five years. Nonetheless, the majority of people stick to three years. This is usually a good compromise between budget and keeping a relatively new vehicle in good condition. Furthermore, in most cases, it implies that you are always covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We take a holding deposit to secure the vehicle at MWVC, and once the order is placed and received, we usually deposit it into your account 14 days after you take delivery.

Currently on Our Special Offers

The top-of-the-line WildTrak model comes with a double cab with five seats, a payload of over one tonne, start-stop technology, adaptable cruise control, Ford SYNC3 to keep you connected, and a multitude of internal storage options. The Trailer Sway Control safety device detects and prevents 'snaking' while towing. As a result, the Ford Ranger is one of the most popular pickups for good reason. With our current special offers, you can finance a Ford Ranger Pick Up Double Cab Wildtrak 2.0 Ecoblue 213 Auto for as little as £345.99 per month (ex. VAT)*.

The Isuzu D-Max is a large pickup truck that is also currently on special. There's enough head, leg, and shoulder space. Isuzu also includes four front cup holders and two-door bottle holders, as well as a cubby in front of the gear lever and a centre console bin under the armrest. The Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Dl20 Cab 4x4 is available on finance lease for as little as £286.99 per month (ex. VAT)*.

What happens at the end of Your Pickup Leasing Agreement? 

When your contract expires, you'll be in good hands with MWVC. First and foremost, we will communicate with you regularly throughout your contract, particularly in the final six months. You should have talked to your account manager about the various options by now, and there are a few to choose from. See our guide to learn more about what happens at the end of your business contract hire.

If you're considering leasing a pickup on a business contract hire for your next vehicle. Remember that we can help you at any stage of the process. Call us at 0116 490 9667 or contact us directly via our website.

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*All pricing is correct at the time of publishing.