Our Fiat Fiorino Cargo Review

By Libby Foster
Our Fiat Fiorino Cargo Review

Fancy leasing a Fiat Fiorino Cargo?

Although the Fiat Fiorino is based on the Punto hatchback from the Italian automaker, it features a considerably bigger and more useful van. Like the Peugeot Bipper and Citroen Nemo, which were also produced in Turkey, the Fiorino offers an excellent blend of cargo space and small exterior proportions. 

Between the wheel arches of the load bay, there is enough room in the back to comfortably fit a Euro pallet. For added functionality, it can be customised with a single sliding side door or two. Even though the Fiat might be a touch noisy on the highway with wind and road noise, the peppy diesel engine makes it pleasant to drive and offers good performance. If you want to learn more about the Fiat Fiorino Cargo, keep reading!

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Drive

The Fiat Fiorino offers little competition as a short-hop option for city commuting and multi-drop tasks. Its modest size—less than four metres in length overall—makes it perfect for navigating traffic and utilising even the smallest parking spot in an urban environment. Even when making the most of its sizable load capacity, the Fiorino boasts a light-footed approach to town driving thanks to its light, accurate steering with superb feel and a compact turning circle. The Fiorino's reputation in the major city is further enhanced by the driver's excellent visibility, and its excellent all-around visibility also comes in handy while negotiating tricky intersections in the town and country.

The motorway is where the Fiorino feels most at ease. Fiat has made significant efforts to reduce noise and vibration in the Fiorino, but there is still excessive road and wind noise heard inside the cab. Some of the noise is generated by the engines, but the majority is generated by the wheels and the area around the windscreen and door mirrors. It's a shame because it diminishes Fiorino's capability as a long-distance delivery vehicle.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Interior 

The Fiorino's cabin, which shares a lot of similarities with Fiat's passenger cars, is cosy and pleasant to be in. The majority of the controls and buttons were taken from the Punto hatchback, and it is solidly constructed from durable materials. Additionally, the driving posture shares many characteristics with Fiat's passenger cars and is agreeably comfy. The driver's seat may be adjusted quite a bit, although larger people may find it uncomfortable and unsuitable for long-distance driving.

As part of a mid-life reboot, Fiat added a new steering wheel to the Fiorino in 2016, along with optional mounted controls for the radio and CD player. New graphics for the instrument cluster with permanent backlighting were also added for improved visibility. A 7inch colour touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, Bluetooth, USB/AUX port, and DAB radio has also been added to the options list.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Space 

The Fiorino's load compartment has a capacity of 2.5 cubic metres, but if you add the optional foldable passenger seat, that capacity increases to 2.8 cubic metres. This gives the Fiorino extra length so that lengthy objects can be safely transported within the vehicle and enables the front passenger seat to be folded all the way flat. The Fiorino has twin side-hinged rear doors that expand out to 90 degrees and 180 degrees to fully utilise the loading opening, as well as one or two sliding side doors that can be ordered. For further security, each of these doors can be locked independently of the front doors from inside the cab.


Fiat may offer van drivers lower operating expenses and more manoeuvrability in the form of the Fiorino van if they are willing to give up part of the carrying capacity they are used to. Some people will be more than pleased to make the trade-off because the Fiorino proves to be well-suited to the difficulties of navigating modern towns and cities.

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