Our 2022 Ford Focus Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Ford Focus Review
As SUVs have been the preferred option for many purchasers, the Ford Focus and other family cars have faced significant competition in recent years. The Focus's outstanding handling, which is arguably its best feature, is a big reason why it continues to perform well in the car sales charts. Ford has focused on enhancing interior quality, back legroom, trunk space, and onboard technology for this most recent iteration of the Focus. All of those things must be done correctly for it to be competitive in a fiercely contested vehicle class.

Wanting to lease a Ford Focus?

The Focus is now available in more variations than ever before to help extend and increase its appeal. Entry-level Trend, the more upscale Vignale, and even an Active model with some SUV-like appearance and a slightly higher ride height are among the trim possibilities.

If you're thinking about a Ford Focus, you're probably also contemplating the VW Golf, another enduring family favourite. That is situated close to the more expensive end of the market, where you can also locate the top models like the Mercedes A-Class, BMW 1 Series, and Audi A3 Sportback. But, is the Ford Focus the best family car on the market currently? Keep reading to find out. 

Ford Focus Drive

The base 123bhp 1.0 Ecoboost 125 engine in the Ford Focus is one that we quite enjoy. It isn't very sporty (0-62 mph in 10.2 seconds), and the VW Golf 1.5 TSI 130 is more powerful, but it offers respectable thrust as the revs rise over 2000 rpm. If you opt for the seven-speed automatic gearbox, the vehicle is known as the 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid 125 and features mild hybrid technology. The Hybrid is our top selection in the lineup if you want an automatic since it is more efficient even if it doesn't feel any faster.

The 153bhp 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid 155 is available if you frequently transport large groups of people or just like a little more speed. Around town, the more power doesn't really matter, but on country roads, where you can shift down a few gears, it revs eagerly and the 62 mph time lowers to 9.0 seconds.

Select the ST-Line or ST-Line Vignale trim for the best handling Focus. You can take full advantage of the fun cornering balance and agility thanks to the lower and stronger suspension, which results in the least amount of body lean in turns. The only family vehicle that can provide experienced drivers with such thrills at a comparable cost is the Seat Leon.

Ford Focus Interior 

The Ford Focus has a great driver's seat that can be adjusted for height and lumbar support as standard equipment. The four-way motorised driver's seat is available on all three Vignale grades (with electric lumbar adjustment). There is an optional Comfort seat with 18-way manual adjustment and an extended seat squab available for all variants, save the mild hybrids.

Finding a comfortable posture is simple because of the steering wheel's generous rake and reach adjustments, and the alignment of the seat, pedals and steering wheel is also very good. The 12.3in digital cluster that comes standard on all Vignale trims makes the optional head-up display look like an unneeded extravagance. We also adore the analogue driver display because it is so crisp and easy to see.

Ford Focus 

Ford Focus Space 

The Ford Focus should have enough room for even the tallest of drivers. It has among the best head, shoulder, and legroom in family vehicles (the Skoda Octavia provides slightly more front headroom, though). Numerous storage areas are positioned throughout the vehicle, including trays for your phone in the centre console and a few cupholders. The glove box and door pockets are both a good size for the group.

The Focus lacked rear capacity in earlier iterations, but the most recent model has substantially more room. A six-footer can comfortably fit behind a driver of comparable size because it has much more legroom than the Octavia. Similar rear space is provided by the Seat Leon, while even more space is provided by the Skoda Scala.

The relatively level back floor of the Focus is another benefit; it greatly improves the experience of a middle-seat passenger. The majority of its competitors, including the VW Golf, have a noticeable hump that the middle passenger must cross. If a panoramic sunroof is installed, it reduces headroom, so if you frequently transport tall rear passengers and are interested in one, make sure to test it out first.

The boot of the Focus is not as large as the one in the Octavia, but it is still functional and matches the Leon's in size. Large strollers shouldn't be an issue, and we were able to stow six carry-on bags beneath the parcel shelf, one more than we did in the Golf.


If you choose the ST-Line package, this car has some of the most fun handling in its class. It offers plenty of passenger space, sharp performance, a smooth ride, and quiet cruising characteristics. The main things that bring it down are the dubious interior quality, decreased ease of use for the climate controls, and slightly subpar performance. Still not sure which car to lease? Why not read our Ford Puma review?

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