Which Ford Van is the Best: Ford Transit vs E-Transit?

By Libby Foster
Which Ford Van is the Best: Ford Transit vs E-Transit?
Are you thinking of leasing a van for your company? Here at MWVC, we have some fantastic Ford van lease deals on offer for you to take a look through. The only issue is which one do you choose? Leasing a van for your business is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly, after all, it affects the running of your business. 

The Ford Transit is an icon in the van world, when you imagine a van you are probably thinking of the Transit without even realising. But with society now moving to a greener living, can the electric Transit keep up with its predecessor? 

Ford Transit Van 

Since its introduction in 1965, the Ford Transit has been an icon in the van market, holding an unprecedented dominance on the title of the best-selling van in the UK. The Ford Transit is a great driver's van despite its size, thanks to its responsive steering. The Transit is quite heavy, which adds to the impression that you're driving a large vehicle, but when you get to understand it, it's also quite agile.

Concealed storage is provided by the glovebox, and there is also a small compartment on the driver's door that is only accessible when the door is opened. Cup Holders for both the driver and the passenger can be found at the ends of each side of the dashboard, and two large pockets beneath these can handle 2-litre water bottles. Not only is the Transit agile and practical, but it also comes with an impressive payload of 912kg. You can currently have the Ford Transit 290 L2 Fwd 2.0 Ecoblue 130ps H2 Trend Vanon contract hire starting from as little as £191.99 per month (ex. VAT)*.

Ford E-Transit Van

This new Ford E-Transit is as big a piece of news in the world of vans as it gets. The fact that Ford is now offering the Transit as an electric van is nothing short of revolutionary. So, what's the big deal? Most people are aware that electric vehicles can be fast, but an electric van is unlikely to set any speed records. Don't hold your breath, since this Ford E-Transit is by far the most powerful van on the market. The top-rated model has a massive 261bhp, and there is also a less powerful 181bhp model. Both will be much faster than any large van you've ever driven.

The Ford Transit has always had a large and spacious interior with plenty of storage capacity. In this respect, the E-Transit isn't any different. The main difference is that the Ford E-Transit has an enormous payload of 1341kg. You can currently have theFord E-Transit 350 L2 Rwd 135kw 68kwh H2 Leader Van Auto on contract hire for £586.66 per month (ex. VAT)*.

How Can MWVC Help 

Didn’t find anything you were looking for? We have plenty of Ford van lease deals available at MWVC to suit everyone's needs when it comes to selecting the right van for them. Our expert sales team can advise you on the best deal for you, whether you are looking for a personal deal or a commercial vehicle to lease. Still not sure if van leasing is the best option for you? Call us at 0116 490 9667 and a member of our team will gladly assist you.

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