Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Charity Fundraising for LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice

By Gavin Yeomans
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Charity Fundraising for LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice

Let me introduce Mr Joe Walter

Joe is a highly regarded and valued member of the MW vehicle contracts (MWVC) Team. Joe’s skills, friendly and helpful personality and ongoing adaptability have meant that since joining the team back in October 2013, Joe has brought a huge amount to the business. Yet, unfortunately, Joe and his family have had a very difficult couple of years.

Aiding his Dad, David Peter Walter ('Waltz' to some) battle with terminal cancer must have been an incredibly difficult thing to do, something made even harder by the pandemic. Towards the end of David’s battle, LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice were there to help. Providing David with pain relief, 24-hour care and some respite for Joe and the rest of his family. The work LOROS does for people around the Leicestershire area is nothing short of incredible and Joe wanted to show his appreciation.

Therefore, one year on from losing his Father, Joe took the very brave decision to raise money for LOROS by shaving his head! This isn't something that can be taken lightly considering Joe has had long hair for the past 15 years and it was very much part of his identity. Despite this, he stepped up and put together his own fundraising campaign.

To show our appreciation of this gesture, the team at MWVC wanted to do our little bit to help. The MWVC social committee put together an evening of fun and games helping to raise extra funds for the cause, together with hosting the big event itself. The Head Shave!

Not one to do things by half, Joe also committed to sporting a frankly ridiculous hair style for 3 weeks after the event, a style chosen by those who had previously donated to his campaign. The result was a double Mohawk Mullet Combo. Quite a statement, I can tell you.

Up to now, Joe has raised over £2500 pounds for LOROS and the team have had a great time helping him along the way. A fantastic achievement from Joe and something that his Dad would be very proud of.

Well done Joe, thank you for raising money for such a good cause and for the laughs on Wednesday night. We hope you enjoy your new “look”

It's still possible to donate to Joe’s campaign, you can simply click this link. Every donation goes to helping people like Joe’s Dad David and is greatly appreciated.