Our 2022 Honda Jazz Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Honda Jazz Review

Fancy leasing a Honda Jazz?

The Honda Jazz is one of those vehicles that never gets the recognition it deserves. However, the fourth generation Jazz is pulling out all the stops to take centre stage over its competitors. The new generation now juggles between petrol and electric power to increase the efficiency of the vehicle, in the same way as the Toyota Yaris does. But how does Honda compete against its hybrid competition? Let’s take a closer look together. 


Honda Jazz Performance 

There is only one engine available for the Honda Jazz: a 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid, so you don't have to worry about selecting one. It can accelerate more quickly than our preferred Volkswagen Polo (the 1.0 TSI 95) thanks to its overall 96 horsepower, reaching 60 mph in a respectable 8.6 seconds. Because the Jazz is a standard hybrid, you don't need to plug it in to charge it up, but you can't travel very far on electricity alone.


It performs a good job of figuring out when to use the electric motor and when to start the petrol engine in its default Hybrid mode. This typically implies that it uses both power sources on quicker highways and more electric motoring in urban areas (particularly if you drive with a light right foot).


Ultimately, the Jazz is one of the greatest small cars for comfort, and it travels smoothly, particularly on the highway. The suspension is firm, but the Jazz manages to produce that waft without being troubled. It never has the floaty effect that the soft-riding Citroen C3 does over undulations.


Honda Jazz Interior 

The Honda Jazz offers a high driving position for those who prefer it. You sit up high, giving the impression that you are driving a tiny hatchback rather than a mini-MPV. The driver's seat can be raised or lowered, and the steering wheel has a good range of adjustment. The seat is generously padded and comfortable, and the pedals, steering wheel, and seat all fit together perfectly to prevent you from sitting awkwardly. 


The Jazz might be the right vehicle for you if you have trouble parking. It was specifically created by Honda to offer good visibility. The big windscreen and slim front pillars provide a nearly panoramic view of the road ahead when you look forward. These provide far greater visibility at roundabouts and T-junctions than the Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa do, along with the car's deep side windows.


Basic 5.0-inch colour screens, Bluetooth, a DAB radio, a USB port, four-speaker audio, and steering-wheel-mounted secondary controls are all standard on entry-level Honda Jazz SE models. By investing a little more in the SR trim, which we'd advise doing, you get a bigger, more sophisticated 9.0- inch touchscreen system with smartphone mirroring for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay that lets you run some apps from your phone through the screen.



Honda Jazz Space 

The Honda Jazz is one of the roomiest small cars available, with a boxy, MPV-like appearance. Due to the enormous headroom and unexpectedly roomy shoulder space in the front, six-footers won't have any trouble feeling comfortable. The back of the Jazz has the class-best internal room. With their heads well away from the roof and their knees clear of the seats in front, two tall adults can comfortably sit in the outside seats. There is plenty of room for people to spread out in the available leg area.


By class standards, the boot on the Jazz is enormous. The boot floor is not too high off the ground, and there is a little lip to pull bags over (but it is nowhere near as huge as the one in the Renault Clio). The load bay's practical square design allows you to maximise the available space.



Concerning passenger volume, the Honda Jazz is the compact car to beat, and its unusual and remarkably adaptable rear seating only increases its usefulness. Although it's not the most comfortable or the most entertaining vehicle in its class (those honours go to the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208), it is undoubtedly simple to operate thanks to great visibility. 


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