Our 2022 Mazda2 Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Mazda2 Review

Fancy leasing a Mazda2?

The Mazda2 is positioned as the ideal small city car in the marketing materials from the Japanese manufacturer. Even without taking into account its competitors, that is a fairly strong statement. But in the old days, the 2 was a great illustration of how providing value for money involves more than just touting a low price. The 'Mazda2' (as it is officially called) may appear to be more expensive than its rivals at first glance, but that is only one aspect of the story.

Everything you need to know about the Mazda2 will be covered, including its handling, performance, and interior comfort. All you need to do is keep reading!

Mazda2 Drive

There are two petrol engines available for the Mazda 2: the Skyactiv G and the e-Skyactiv G, each of which has two different power outputs. Both vehicles lack turbochargers, though only the 'e' model has mild hybrid technology. 

The 74bhp Skyactiv G is the least potent option, and based on how well it performed compared to the 89bhp version, we anticipate that most drivers will find it to be underpowered. If you want to get the most out of either of the two, even the more powerful one needs to be revved hard. Nevertheless, it can comfortably propel you up to motorway speeds and reacts quickly enough when you need a pop of acceleration.

The mild-hybrid system gives the 89bhp e-Skyactiv G engine a slight boost from a stop, making it better at low speeds. It pulls stronger from low revs than the Skyactiv G models and accelerates more readily, but it still needs to be revved quite a bit. The top-tier GT Sport Tech model has 113 horsepower and a claimed sprint time of 9.1 seconds from zero to sixty miles per hour.

The steering of the Mazda 2 is nicely weighted; it gets lighter when you're driving around town or making slow-speed manoeuvres, but it gets a little heavier as you pick up speed and turn. Although body lean is somewhat well-controlled thanks to the firmer ride, we'd recommend the Fiesta or Seat Ibiza if you're looking for something capable and entertaining on a winding road.

Mazda2 Interior 

Even tall drivers should be able to find a comfortable position in the Mazda 2 thanks to the steering wheel and seat's wide range of adjustments, which include height adjustment on all models. On longer trips, however, the seat cushions are not the most comfortable because they are quite hard.

A 7-inch colour touchscreen infotainment system, DAB radio, and smartphone mirroring for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on all Mazda 2 models. Although reasonably responsive, the touchscreen can occasionally be difficult to use. Fortunately, there is also a handy rotary controller located in between the front seats. When compared to pure touchscreen systems found in some rival small cars, this controller makes using the infotainment system simple while moving. It is also significantly less distracting.

The fabrics that feel quite elegant on top of the dashboard make the interior a pleasant place to be overall. All versions of the 2 include a steering wheel and gearstick encased in leather, both of which are comfortable to hold and add to that overall feel. For a more alluring and upscale feel, GT Sport Tech offers a variety of interior finishes, including black or stone leather inlays.

Mazda2 Space 

In the back of the 2 adults will have a little trouble stretching their legs, and taller people may find their knees resting against the front seat backs. Not much headroom is available either. Since there is limited shoulder room and a raised transmission tunnel for the middle passenger, the back seat is more comfortable for two adults than for three.

The 2's boot isn't its best feature. In particular, it is smaller than those of the Skoda Fabia, Fiesta, and Polo. It doesn't have the biggest openings either; the contoured corners make it difficult to load larger items, and there's an uncomfortable high lip that you have to lift objects over to get them in and out.


When it comes to actual fuel efficiency, the Mazda 2 has very economical engines and a pleasantly plush interior. All trim levels, with the exception of the base, provide reasonable standards of equipment. But today, much more recent models have surpassed it. Rivals like the Seat Ibiza provide more interior room, superior handling, a more comfortable ride, and higher levels of refinement.

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