New Look, New MWVC

By MW Vehicle Contracts
New Look, New MWVC

We Have a New Website!

New website, same great value leasing deals, same 1st class customer service! 

Welcome to the all-new MW Vehicle Contracts website. We thought it was time for a revamp, so here you go, new site, new logo, even more great value leasing deals. We have made sure we kept our focus on customer service though, together with that consultative approach which is always at the forefront of our business.

We Are Different. We Listen.

Here at MW Vehicle Contracts we honestly pride ourselves in listening to our customers. You may think that we should be the ones doing all the talking, telling you about a fantastic new deal that's the cheapest Van, Pickup or Car on the market, but that's no good if the vehicle isn't right for you. A Citroen Berlingo at £99 per month sounds great, but it's no good if you need to load it full of 2.4metre plaster board, it just won't do the job.

So we listen to our customers, find out their requirements and suggest great value leasing and contract hire deals on vehicles which will do the job and work for you.

We Can Help You With That.

  • If you're a local handyman sole trader who needs a small van in order to carry tools and a lawn mower, we can help you with that. 
  • If you're a tradesman, self-employed or partnership and need to move both tools and your team to your work site, we can help you with that. 
  • If you don't need a van but still need to move things, how about a pickup truck? We can help with that.   
  • Maybe you're a director of a limited company who wants a tax efficient yet luxury company car, we can help you with that. 
  • Need a pool car for the company? We can help you with that. 
  • What about 3 or 4 company cars for your field based sales team? We can help you with that too.

Sales People? No, we're Account Managers.

It's nice when you know you're getting the best help relevant to your needs isn't it? No one likes getting sold to. Never being sure if you got a good deal or you just ended up with what the salesperson told you was a good deal. We employ specialists in Van, Pick-up truck and Car leasing and contract hire in order to let the quality of the service and deals do the talking. Things move quickly in the vehicle leasing industry but we do all the hard work in the background, so by the time you enquire, email or call us, we are ready with a selection of vehicles, different funding options and, most importantly, help and guidance throughout each stage of the process, from enquiry to delivery.

Know what you want? Or take a look around for inspiration.

We hope you like our new look! There are plenty of fantastic deals to be found, so if you know what you want give us a call or enquire here. Or if you're not so sure, why not take a look at our special offers page for some inspiration.

Need any help? Just ask.