Our 2023 Nissan Leaf Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2023 Nissan Leaf Review
When the Nissan Leaf was introduced, rival battery-powered vehicles were fashioned to seem like golf buggies because they actually looked like a car. It also handled like one, with good acceleration and a top speed that allowed you to travel farther than a bicycle could.

Thinking of leasing a Nissan Leaf?

It is a far superior all-around vehicle to the first Leaf and is currently in its second generation. It is quicker, safer to drive, has a larger interior, and—possibly most significantly—can travel much farther between charges. An even longer range and quicker acceleration are promised by the range-topping e+ version's larger battery. Unfortunately for Nissan, a slew of brand-new or updated electric competitors have stealthily zoomed into view.

So, is the Nissan Leaf better than its new competition, and will it fit into your lifestyle if you're switching from a petrol or diesel car?

Nissan Leaf Drive 

Forget golf cart performance; the 39kWh battery version of the Nissan Leaf can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just eight seconds. This is faster than the Renault Zoe but slower than the Cupra Born, Kia Niro EV, and VW ID.3. The 59kWh Leaf (dubbed the e+) is even faster, reaching 62 mph in 6.9 seconds. The acceleration is fairly quick, though not quite as quick as the Tesla Model 3.

When it comes to electric cars, performance isn't just about how fast you can go; it's also about how long you can drive between charges. The official stats for the 39kWh Leaf are 168 miles, which is not amazing but better than the Honda E, while the 59kWh version can supposedly accomplish 239 miles on a full charge.

The 39kWh Leaf is more spacious than the Mini Electric and Zoe. On highways and quicker A-roads, riding comfort is hard to beat. Around town, you may feel a little more jostled than you would in a Peugeot e-208 or Peugeot e-2008, but potholes are still dealt with in a respectable manner.

Nissan Leaf Interior 

The Nissan Leaf seats you fairly high up, which you'll either enjoy or dislike. Every model offers telescopic steering-wheel adjustment, allowing you to move it in and out, as well as up and down, to get a more comfortable driving position. The lever system used to modify the driver's seat backrest can make it difficult to get the desired angle, which is in stark contrast to the infinitely tuneable wheel adjuster found in the VW ID.3. 

nissan leaf

The dashboard is mainly user-friendly, with basic physical buttons to handle all of the primary features, as opposed to the ridiculous touch-sensitive interfaces found in some competitors, notably the ID.3. Every Leaf includes an 8.0inch touchscreen with a logical operating system and few physical shortcut buttons that allow you to switch between functions. We also appreciate that Nissan provides a true volume knob rather than a clunky touch-sensitive pad. Nonetheless, the Mini Electric receives an iDrive rotary controller, which makes the infotainment system even easier to use.

Nissan Leaf Space 

Tall people are unlikely to complain about the lack of space in front of the Nissan Leaf. Even though the seats are positioned pretty high up in the car, there is plenty of headroom and you'd have to be quite lanky to require additional legroom. Not to mention, the Leaf has at least as much back legroom as any direct competitor, and much more than the cramped Honda E and Mini Electric.

Because of its long boot, the Leaf outperforms its nearest competitors in terms of luggage capacity. It can swallow seven carry-on luggage beneath the parcel shelf, compared to six in the Zoe and five in the Niro EV. If you're wondering how the Honda E and Mini Electric compare, the answer is 'not well': their boots are insignificant in contrast.

Our Verdict 

If you're on a tight budget, the entry-level 39kWh Leaf still makes sense because it's a reasonably large EV that's easy to drive, well-equipped, and comfortable to live with. Aside from that, higher-priced trims, particularly the 59kWh e+ models, have lagged behind newer and more capable competitors.

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