Our Land Rover Discovery Review 2022

By Libby Foster
Our Land Rover Discovery Review 2022

Fancy leasing a Land Rover Discovery?

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has been redesigned with an improved infotainment system, a plusher cabin, and cosmetic changes to the exterior. The update also included mild hybrid technology to the majority of the engines, which ought to lower pollutants and fuel usage. There is enough capacity for five people, and all models, aside from the front-wheel-drive D165 diesel and the plug-in hybrid P300e, can be ordered with a third row of seats for the convenience of seven people. To learn more about the Land Rover Discovery Sport keep reading.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport’s Performance

All regular Land Rover Discovery Sport engines feature mild-hybrid innovation, and even the most affordable petrol (badged P200) produces 197bhp. That may sound like a lot of power, but it takes some revving to reach outside-lane overtaking speeds. The Land Rover Discovery Sport can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9.9 seconds, which is impressive but not as good as the hybrid Honda CR-V

The plug-in hybrid P300e engine is an additional option. An electric motor powers the rear wheels, while a 1.5-litre petrol engine powers the front ones. The sizable battery pack enables it to go up to 34 miles on electricity alone. It is also fairly swift, with a 0-62 mph time of 6.6 seconds and a combined output of 305 horsepower. The acceleration is sufficient to get you up to motorway speeds even in electric-only mode, making it the most dynamic Discovery Sport. The maximum towing capacity of the P300e, which is equal to that of a hybrid Ford Kuga, is 1600kg, which is less than that of the diesel engines.

The refinement of the plug-in hybrid P300e is outstanding. The background thrum lets you know that the engine has three cylinders, one fewer than other motors in the lineup, but it doesn't sound harsh or transmit a great deal of vibration through the steering wheel.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior 

The Land Rover Discovery Sport's driver's seat is a little limited but relatively comfortable, and only entry-level trim needs manual adjustment (the other trims have electrical adjustment, including for lumbar support). The elevated centre cubby's padded lid doubles as an ideal armrest, and the dashboard is uncomplicated. The controls for the heated windows are touch-sensitive, but there are traditional dials to change the climate control's temperature and activate the off-road modes.

The traditional instrument dials behind the steering wheel are replaced with an Interactive Driver Display on R-Dynamic trim and higher. On a clear digital display, in addition to the typical speed and engine data, music tracks and sat-nav maps are shown. The Land Rover Discovery Sport's cabin is distinguished by an abundance of luxurious, dense-feeling materials, well-damped rotary heating settings, and elegant details like brushed-metal trim. However, the dashboard and doors have some rougher and scratchier plastics lower down to be aware of.

The Discovery’s Passenger Space 

In the Discovery Sport, even very big drivers won't feel confined. Even with the optional panoramic skylight, which lowers the ceiling significantly, there is still plenty of legroom and some of the best headroom in the class. However, compared to some of its rivals, such as the Kia Sorento, it is not as broad upfront.

Anyone seated in the second row has a tonne of leg room by sliding the seats back as much as feasible. Taller adults will find their knees forced against the front seat backs if you slide the seats all the way forward (enlarging the boot), but you probably won't need to do this very often.

The back row in variants with seven seats, however, is noticeably congested and best suited to young children or especially petite people. Legroom isn't terrible, but there isn't much headroom, and the shallow footwell forces your knees up about your ears. It's also important to note that entry is difficult because the wheel arch protrudes into the space that passengers must squeeze through to enter or exit.

Our Land Rover Car Leasing Deals

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