Pick-Up Leasing – The way forward…..

By Emma Williams
Pick-Up Leasing – The way forward…..

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Are you in the market for a Pick-Up, not sure which one, have you had a look at the Nissan Navara Tekna? It’s practical for the day job and comfortable for the family at the weekends as well as all-round efficient. It’s good on or off-road and comes with plenty of toys. And did we mention all the tax benefits for business users – interested now maybe?

It could almost be described as a luxurious four-door pick up and it is more than suitable as family transport, coming with heated leather seats, touchscreen satnav/audio, surround-view cameras, climate control, cruise control, 18-inch alloys, LED headlights, side steps and roof rails and Forward Emergency Braking.

The Navara has retained its rugged 4x4 ability but is pushing the boundaries closer to a ‘crossover’ SUV class driving experience due to its multi-link rear suspension getting rid of its rear end bounce.

The new-look dashboard is attractive and solid giving a feel of more space, again with an SUV feel. The view out the front is great and long journeys feel comfortable. Plenty of room in the back and ISOFIX child seat mounts feature in the back too.

It drives well and quietly on the motorway and makes easy work of more rugged, hilly routes. Off-road you can switch from two to four wheel drive (high or low) easily and the Navara will not struggle thanks to its impressive axle articulation and good departure angles. One tough, yet luxurious truck.

Interested – why not try leasingone? Not sure what’s involved with leasing and how beneficial it can be, read a bit more and see what you think, people are finding it’s the way forward.

When we talk about leasing a pick-up we generally mean taking one on Contract Hire. It’s one of, if not the cheapest way of getting into a brand new Pick-Up. Here at MW we work with suppliers and funders who negotiate deals for thousands of vehicles at a time making for much bigger savings.

A contract hire agreement has just 2 or 3 key points. There is the initial rental, the monthly rentals in the middle and then handing the Pick-Up back at the end. Also there is no residual risk so no matter how much the vehicle depreciates over the term of the agreement, at the end you simply hand it back to the funder and walk away, and assuming you have stayed within the agreed mileage and condition parameters there will be nothing to pay.

You can choose the amount for the initial rental based on 3, 6 or 9 times the monthly rental, the latter being the amount you will pay each month to the end of the agreement – easy. Basically, you can structure the deal to suit you and your business, including the term of the agreement (usually between 2 to 5 years). You can even include maintenance with the contract which takes care of servicing and repair costs and as leased vehicles are now classed as on balance sheet, you will pay less tax.

Finally, when you are coming to the end of your agreement we will walk you through what you need to do. Essentially you can either hand your old truck back and get a brand new one or you can decide to keep your existing vehicle for a little longer which is also easy. We just extend the contract.

It’s easier than you thought, isn’t it? We help you with every stage of the process. So if you want to talk a bit more about the option of leasing a Pick-Up or indeed any vehicle, pick up the phone (0116 2599548) or place an enquiry on the site. We’re waiting to speak to you.