Popular Pickup Leasing Deals

By Libby Foster
Popular Pickup Leasing Deals

The Benefits of a Pickup

Pickup trucks were once seen as rugged and very American. However, in the modern-day age, pickup trucks now offer a sleek style with large chrome grills and a smooth profile. They offer both luxury and versatility, offering something to everyone who decides to drive one. Searching for a new vehicle can be overwhelming if you are not sure what your best option is. Here at MWVC, we have a fantastic range of pickup leasing deals for you to choose from. 

Pickup trucks are extremely versatile and perfect for every adventure. Pickup trucks are designed for all terrains and weather conditions. So if you want to spend the weekend up a mountain in the snow, you can. But pickup trucks are not limited to only weekend adventures, they are also great for transporting things like fridges and sofas from one place to another. One of the biggest benefits of having a pickup truck is having the ability to haul and tow without the inconvenience of spending money hiring a truck as a one-off. 

Ford Ranger Pickup Leasing Deal 

First, on our list of pickup special offers in the Ford Ranger Pickup Double Cab Wildtrak 2.0 Ecoblue 213 Auto, starting from as little as £299.99 per month (ex. VAT)*. The Ford Ranger is powered by a muscular 2.0-litre engine, delivering comfort that is nearly on par with driving a car. On top of this, it also has a high payload and can tow 3,500kg, making it the perfect all-rounder pickup. 

Isuzu D-Max Pickup Leasing Deal

Next on the list of our special offers is theIsuzu D-Max 1.9 DL20 Cab 4x4, which you can get your hands on for as little as £241.69 per month (ex. VAT)*. The second-generation Isuzu D-Max was launched back in 2021, over the previous model it is a big upgrade. Though it still has the 1.9-litre diesel engine, it now has a new exterior and interior as well as a strengthened chassis. 

Toyota Hilux Pickup Leasing Deal

Our final special offer on our popular pickup leasing deals list is the Toyota Hilux Invincible X D/cab Pick Up 2.8 D-4d Auto starting from as little as £319.99 per month (ex. VAT)*. The Toyota Hilux was updated in 2020 and now has one of the biggest engines for pickups in the UK. The pickup is reliable, refined and great for drivers who need to go off-road. 

Here at MWVC, we have plenty of pickup leasing deals on offer to suit everyone's needs when it comes to choosing the right pickup for them. Whether you are looking for a personal deal or a commercial vehicle to lease, our expert sales team can advise you on the best deal for you. Still, wondering if pickup leasing is the right option for you? Give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and a member of our team will be happy to assist. 

*All pricing is correct at the time of publishing.