Pros and Cons of Each Vehicle Power Unit

By Lauren Bagnall
Pros and Cons of Each Vehicle Power Unit
In today’s modern age, there is more than one way to power a car. As we become more environmentally conscious, more people are making the switch to electric and hybrid vehicles, but they aren’t an option for everyone. When looking into vehicle leasing, what powers the vehicle can be a big factor for some people. But what do you need to look for?

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we offer a range of lease contracts on cars, vans and pickups alike. With monthly rental deals offered for both private and business use, you can drive around in the latest model for a great price. All of our vehicles can be delivered to your door anywhere in mainland UK completely free of charge, and our expert staff are on hand throughout your contract to assist you. Are you wondering what would be best to power your next vehicle? Read our article below to make an informed decision.

Spark and Compression Ignitions

One of the most common engine types (albeit, perhaps not for long), spark ignition engines are fuelled by petrol. You’re more likely to see a petrol-fuelled car on the road than a hybrid or electric at the moment due to the low demand for the latter two, however, that may soon change. The price of petrol is cheaper than its diesel counterpart, and they are less expensive to service too. They produce less dangerous emissions than diesel, and they also tend to be less noisy.

However, these advantages over diesel (compression ignition) don’t necessarily mean they’re the best car. Despite the fact they’re cheaper to buy than electric cars, they’re worse for the environment, with their CO2 emissions being higher than other sources. They’re also less efficient than diesel cars, and cost a lot more to run. Both options are bad for the environment, which is why electric and hybrid cars are becoming more prevalent in society. Here at MWVC, we have the best car leasing deals for petrol and diesel cars if you’re not ready to make the change to electric just yet. We currently offer the Ford Ecoboost, whereas if you’re looking towards van leasing, our Ford Transit Custom is perfect for anyone working in trade or deliveries.


A combination of spark ignition and electric, hybrid cars give off lower emissions than petrol or diesel engines but still keep their long-distance properties. They also have the smooth power delivery of an electric. Hybrids have much better fuel economy than petrol vehicles, with more miles per gallon in comparison, and with less fuel comes less money to pay. They’re also far better for the environment, with the electric side giving them more power with less emissions. 

However, hybrids are pretty expensive to buy upfront, as cost is one of the main reasons consumers stick to petrol or diesel. Also, hybrids use a system called regenerative braking; the battery recharges itself when you brake. This makes them less useful on long-distance motorway drives, as there’s less opportunity to use your brakes. If you want to lower your carbon footprint, but don’t want to break the bank, consider our vehicle leasing deals here at MWVC. Following an initial rental, you can drive around in a brand new hybrid vehicle on a set monthly contract suited to your preferences. We offer the popular Volkswagen Passat for a great price, with a range of contract terms and annual mileage options to choose from.


With more and more people switching to electric, you’re more likely to see them on the road than ever before. We’re being encouraged to go electric in order to lower our carbon footprint and swerve away from manual transmissions. They’re the best choice for the environment, running completely on electricity with no petrol or diesel being utilised. They also require less frequent maintenance, meaning they’re much cheaper to run. However, this doesn’t mean they’re cheaper to buy.

Electric cars are notorious for being more expensive, simply because there’s less demand for them at the moment, and its new technology. They also have a shorter range than their fuel counterparts, meaning they need to be charged more frequently. There are also less charging points available when out and about, so you need to plan long distance journeys carefully. If you want a car that benefits the environment greatly, consider an electric vehicle on one of our car or van lease deals today. Our Mercedes-Benz Esprinter fully electric van is perfect for businesses who travel short distances, but want to lower their carbon footprint.

Here at MWVC, we have a range of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles perfect for your own personal preferences and budget. Our expert team can talk you through each step of the leasing process carefully, discussing your funding and financing options. We will deliver your new vehicle straight to your door at no extra charge, providing you with reliable service you can trust. To enquire further, please get in touch with us today by calling 0116 259 9548.

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