The Best Luxury SUVs for First Time Buyers

By Lauren Bagnall
The Best Luxury SUVs for First Time Buyers

Top 3 Luxury SUVs

SUVs are incredibly popular amongst a range of people. Families and those who like driving bigger cars for space and storage will often look towards an SUV. Although their size might not fit certain people, they're still a great choice for dominating the roads, and they've come a long way in terms of style and performance. But if you're looking for a luxury SUV for the very first time, which car do you opt for?

Here at MW Vehicle Contracts (MWVC) we provide affordable pickup, van and car leasing in Leicester and across mainland UK. Our SUV leasing deals can suit your budget and preferences exactly, providing you with a deal you can trust. Our monthly rentals never change throughout your contract, giving you peace of mind. If you're looking for the perfect SUV for the very first time, consider these sleek and stylish choices today.

Suzuki Vitara

A popular SUV often seen on UK roads, the Suzuki Vitara is a great choice if you're looking to try SUVs out for size. It's great if you're looking to drive over rougher terrain, and it's the perfect vehicle for long road trips with the family. Since it first hit the market in 1988, it has constantly reinvented itself to make it a current SUV every single year. It has great space in the front and the back for driver convenience, and can keep you comfortable for those long drives.

If you're a first-time SUV driver, you won't want to pay through the nose. You need a car that you can work with and get used to, and the Vitara is a great choice. We currently have the Vitara on a car leasing special offer deal for just £244* per month inc. VAT, ideal if you want to cut the cost each month. To find the best car leasing deal for you, please visit our special offers page here.

Peugeot 2008

Electric cars are very sought-after right now, and they're only going to continue increasing in popularity. If you're looking to hit the ground running with your very first SUV, then the Peugeot 2008 could be the best choice. It's fully electric, making it the ultimate choice for cutting down on your carbon emissions. With a range of 206 miles, it's great for road trips, with a soft suspension for motorway driving. It provides a quiet drive, with a futuristic infotainment system to suit.

We currently have the all-new Peugeot e-2008 for just £313.99* per month inc. VAT. It's a great deal for such a fantastic model, and its pricing can even be tailored to suit your preferred contract term and mileage. Vehicle leasing is by far the better choice for anyone looking to drive a brand-new car but not pay the expensive outright costs. We also provide business lease deals for vans, which you can check out here.

MG Motor MG5

Another fully electric variation for first time SUV drivers to try out for size, the MG5 looks more like an estate than a 4x4. This is perfect if you want a slimmer SUV, especially if you're used to driving estates or saloons. The MG5 does not compromise space, however. It has great internal space for driver and passenger comfort, and boot space suitable for storage of luggage and shopping items. Driving an SUV for the first is actually no different than driving a hatchback; the size of the vehicle is a little different, but once you've driven your new SUV a few times, you'll be an expert in no time. The MG5 makes for a perfect transition.

We currently have the brand new MG5 on special offer for just £276.96* per month inc. VAT. All of our vans, pickups and cars can be delivered straight to your address for a hassle-free start to your affordable leasing contracts. If you'd like to get started, or to find out more please give us a call on 0116 259 9548. Our friendly sales team can give you objectively advice on the very best SUV for your needs.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing