The Best Vans for Construction Workers

By Lauren Bagnall
The Best Vans for Construction Workers

Looking for a new van?

If you work on a construction site or you tend to transport heavy goods and machinery often, chances are you'll need a van that can do the job effectively. Smaller vans probably won't be ideal, so you'll need to look towards larger vans with easy access and a suitable payload. Buying a van or a whole fleet outright can be incredibly expensive for any business, no matter whether you're just starting out or you're fully established. If you're looking for a good experience when it comes to driving a van, it all starts with the cost, and our nationwide van leasing deals are perfect.

Here at MW Vehicle Contracts (MWVC), we provide affordable van, pickup and car leasing in Leicester and across mainland UK. Our nationwide vehicle contracts can be tailored to your budget and preferences, with monthly rentals and initial rentals that won't break the bank. If you're VAT registered, you can even enjoy tax and VAT benefits too. If you're looking for a new van that will withstand the environment on a construction site, read our handy article below.

Nissan Interstar Tipper

Tipper vans work perfectly on construction sites. They have an exposed bed on the back that can carry various materials, all of which can be tipped out safely and with ease. The brand new Nissan Interstar Tipper is a great choice, with practical exteriors and stylish interiors. Its parking sensors make it an asset on busy, hazardous construction sites, allowing drivers to navigate their way around easily. The flatbed is the highlight, it can tip material easily, with an impressive payload of 1242 kg.

We currently have the Nissan Interstar Tipper on special offer for just £151.99* per month ex. VAT, perfect for businesses that want to cut costs and monitor their monthly outgoings. It's a reliable vehicle with great perks, with contemporary interior features to make it the ideal van for the construction site. To view the rest of our nationwide van leasing deals, please visit us on our website here.

Ford Transit Tipper

If you're on the lookout for a tipper van but you want a make and model that you're familiar with, you can never go wrong with a Ford Transit. They're the most popular van make around, and they're constantly reinventing themselves to stay current and keep up with businesses and their needs. The Transit tipper is described as "rugged, powerful and purposeful" by Ford themselves, with great functionality and ease of use to make your life easier on site. The tipper controls are located right next to the driver's seat for convenience too.

If you're looking to lease your next van for the construction site, we currently have the Ford Transit tipper on special offer for just £327.99* per month ex. VAT. Buying a vehicle outright can be an incredibly expensive endeavour; it isn't very cost-effective, and depreciation costs can even affect your business down the line. Vehicle leasing is a cheap alternative, and it's convenient for business owners and workers too.

Citroen Relay

If you want a van that's covered instead of a classic tipper, there are plenty of makes and models out there that can suit your business needs perfectly. Its sliding side door provides easier access for loading and unloading, and can keep materials and machinery safe if the weather isn't all that great. It has a payload of 1495kg making it ideal for heavier goods. It provides great lumbar support for driver comfort, making it the perfect van to drive around a construction site.

We have the all-new Citroen Relay on special offer for just £238.99* per month ex. VAT, allowing you to manage your finances and help keep your business in order. If you're still struggling to decide on the very best van for you, please give us a call today on 0116 259 9548. A member of our team will be happy to objectively advise on the best choice for you.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing