The New and Improved Ford Courier

By Jasmine Baker
The New and Improved Ford Courier
Looking for a new van? Well, look no further, the Ford Transit Courier just got better, and we want to tell you all about it. 


With Ford announcing earlier this year that they will be ceasing production of the Ford Connect in America, and any plans for a new model of the Connect in 2024 worldwide have been shelved then you may be wondering what can possibly replace this small, but mighty van that so many UK van users rely on every day. Well, Ford have thought of everything, and they have made some amazing changes to their Courier, mainly giving it more space and payload, meaning that what was once a rather small van is now a spacious van that can easily step up and fill the shoes of its slightly bigger brother the Connect. 

Ford Courier
Ford Connect

The Ford Courier has been around for years, but has been seen as a van that might be considered too small for some, but now that Ford have given it a brand-new makeover, the new Ford Courier has endless possibilities and appeals not only to people looking for a small van but also to those may have been thinking a small to medium van would be the way to go.

The All New Courier

The new Ford Courier has a brand-new design, and amazingly, Ford have managed to squeeze more space into it for your convenience. The new design has a length of 1.8 meters and height of 1.25 meters with the space between the wheel arches increasing to 1.22 meter which allows more effective storage - now big enough to accommodate two euro pallets.

securing things in a van

Cleverly, the new Courier also has the option of smarter storage, with the optional load through bulkhead that allows you to load ladders, poles or other long equipment in your van easily. With a payload of 845 kg you know that you have plenty of space to load anything and everything that you need into your Courier Transit Van, it even has a towing weight of between 750 kg and 1100 kg depending on the model that you chose, which is another great thing about this new revamped van, it is available in three different engine variants.

Currently available with a 1.0 litre petrol engine with Ecoboost and 1.5 litre diesel engine with Ecoblue and, coming early 2024, an all electric version with a 100 kW e-motor bringing the Ford Courier bang up to date and offering a carbon free alternative.

The Courier is also available in a number of trims - Leader, Trend, Limited, and Active. Each one offering different levels of comfort and smart technology. With the basic model, Leader, offering 8-inch SYNC 4 touchscreen, smartphone mirroring, pre-collision assist, and adaptive cruise control, right through to the top end model, the Active offering 17-inch alloy wheels, rearview camera and parking aid, keyless start, and sensico wrapped steering wheel.

inside Ford Courier

Similar vans to rival the Courier are the Citroën Berlingo or the Peugeot Partner, both of which have a similar pay load to the Courier and load length, as well as the added technology for safer driving. Both these vans are popular choices with customers as they, like the Courier they are small and mighty, with extra added features to make your driving experience better, like all surround rear vision, or sliding offside side loading doors. However, the amount of choice that you have with the Ford brand is phenomenal, and the choice of models available with the new Courier certainly means that you will be spoilt for choice in which one to pick.

Fantastic Deals Available

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