Ruling the Roads Top SUVs for the UK Adventure

By Emma Williams
Ruling the Roads Top SUVs for the UK Adventure

Ruling the Roads – Top SUV’s for the UK Adventure

Over the past couple of decades the popularity of the Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV has grown almost disproportionately. It’s not all that surprising as they provide comfort and convenience, space and versatility, safety and visibility and a chunky-cornered design appeal. They come in all shapes and sizes too from the supermini-based small SUV to the large SUV with seven seats and they offer the option of petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric powertrains. Whether you are a large or small family or single or a couple there is an SUV out there appropriate for your needs.

In order to provide you with a list of popular SUV’s in 2024 I have read through comprehensive reviews on Autotrader, Autoexpress, Autocar and Parkers and have compiled a list of 8 SUV’s which featured on more than one of the four websites. They are listed in no particular order other than the first three cars featured on three of the four websites and the last five featured on two of the four websites.

The BMW iX:

The iX is BMW’s flagship electric SUV. It is in the large family SUV range. It is rather pricey but according to Autotrader worth every penny. The interior is impressive, it has a large battery range (circa 300 miles) and is ‘soothing’ to drive. You would call the interior minimalist and the infotainment is cutting edge and easy to use. There’s generous space for five adults though the boot space is slightly on the small size for such a large car. According to Autoexpress it’s great to drive, retaining all of BMW’s usual levels of driver engagement, responding to corners with plenty of grip and steering feedback. You could describe its appearance as slightly controversial but it does separate it from the crowd. A great car, best for luxury the only downside is the price.

Skoda Enyaq:

According to Parkers the Enyaq is a car designed by people who really care about making motoring as easy as possible, especially with the family in tow. The Enyaq is all-electric with an impressive driving range of well over 300 in the big battery models. There is space for five adults and a generous boot. With an easy to navigate dashboard and a smooth and quiet ride you can have few reasons for complaint. If you’re looking to buy your first EV then the Enyaq is one of the easiest to live with. It’s incredible value for money and even has little touches including umbrellas in the doors and an ice scraper in the fuel filler cap. A great choice family SUV.

Landrover Defender:

The new Landrover Defender followed on from the iconic Defender hitting our roads in 2019. It took on arguably a softer image but still retaining its well-known off-road ability. It has a massive cabin which feels both workmanlike and premium at the same time. Practicality is still a priority with lots of storage areas dotted around the cabin and the air suspension can raise and lower the car to make hitching up a trailer much easier. Despite its size and off-road potential it is an easy SUV to drive wherever you are. There are tougher off-roaders and there are also smaller, more nimble ones but nothing else makes it all quite so easy. For most SUV owners off-road capability is a ‘just in case’ quality and while few of us may need a go-anywhere type of family car, there are plenty of us who like the idea of owning one. This defender reaches its target audience – countryside dwellers – and its actual audience – people who want a massive, imposing and proper luxurious family car!

Ford Puma:

According to Parkers the Ford Puma is a brilliant small SUV that’s great to drive and practical too. It blends performance with value and fitness for purpose almost perfectly. The boot is a good size and it comfortably holds four occupants inside the passenger compartment. Although interior quality could be better the dashboard is very user-friendly and displays all the latest essential technology. Drives really well, steering and handling like a dream and is a brilliant replacement for the old Fiesta. As a bonus there is a large hidden compartment under the boot floor made from plastic and fitted with a drain plug so you can chuck whatever you want inside and hose it out afterwards – fantastic for busy families! An all-round great package.

Volvo XC90:

It’s been around a while but the XC90 is still one of the best SUVs if you need seven seats and that means seven six-foot tall adults at that! It’s very comfortable to travel in and the interior has a premium edge. It has a screen-based dashboard which although it won’t suit everyone is easy to use and doesn’t take too long to get used to. It’s surprisingly efficient for a large SUV if not a little boring compared to others in its category. The car showcases why Volvo as a brand is known for its safety and Autotrader would go as far as to say it’s the family seven-seater of choice – a joy to travel long distances in with the kids!

Skoda Karoq

This Skoda Karoq is a great all-rounder according to Parkers, a cleverly thought out family SUV. It is comfortable, practical and seems to make life so much easier. It is hugely spacious with class-leading boot space and a flexible internal layout. This includes rear seats that you can remove giving it the carrying capacity of a medium-sized van. Not only that, you also get back-seat picnic tables as standard fit. The dashboard is well thought out with lots of clever features and storage compartments. It handles neatly, has strong fuel economy and great visibility. Autocar give it 4 out of 5 stars. Downsides that have been noted in the reviews are no plug-in versions available and doesn’t perform all that well on the motorway.

Lexus NX

This latest version of the Lexus NX, second generation if you like, is so much better than its predecessor. The old version was out done by its peers but according to Parkers this one goes straight to the top of the class. It is wonderfully comfortable and very quiet with self-charging and plug-in hybrids available, the plug-in has a usefully long EV range of 40 miles. The interior is exquisite as well according to Parkers, made from high quality materials with loads of tech. Along with generous levels of equipment on board the NX is also spacious and has plenty of on-road performance. According to Autoexpress the Lexus NX showcases what a modern SUV is all about.

Renault Captur

Autotrader love this car – ‘small, chunky, curvy – there’s just something about the Captur that has Captured our hearts!’ According to them it has lovely interiors with imaginative twists and a lovely touch-screen with Google connectivity and bright colours. Easy to park and a joy to live with – can’t fault it! Its design is based on the best-selling Clio and consequently boasts handsome good looks and a practical high-set driving position. It is practical, has plenty of passenger space and generous levels of standard equipment. Add to this its competitive pricing and it instantly becomes a strong competitor in the small SUV class.

Will your next new car be an SUV?

In a car market that’s full of SUV’s of all shapes and sizes there’s plenty to choose from. I have just featured eight cars here that have received very positive reviews for 2024. If you want to enquire further about any of these cars, or want to find out more about other SUV’s on the market and what would suit your needs then we would be more than happy to help. Our account managers are knowledgeable, friendly and will help you find the car you want and need. Call us on 0330 404 8910 our opening hours are Mon-Thurs 8.30am-6pm and Friday 8.30am-5.30pm.