Our Toyota Aygo X Review

By Libby Foster
Our Toyota Aygo X Review

Fancy leasing a Toyota Aygo X?

The Toyota Aygo X is here to demonstrate that there is still a need for compact, reasonably priced city cars and that such vehicles need not be electric to be enjoyable, straightforward, and inexpensive to operate. Naturally, if you're considering buying an Aygo X (pronounced Aygo Cross), you're undoubtedly also thinking about pure electric automobiles, but they require a larger initial investment.

The capable Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto are two of Toyota Aygo X's main rivals in the small-car segment. As an alternative to the Suzuki Ignis and Fiat Panda Cross' more rugged styling, it too has a bulky, SUV-style body, but unlike those vehicles, it doesn't have four-wheel drive. In actuality, the Aygo X lacks all off-road capability. Although the suspension has been raised and the wheel arches have body protection, the vehicle was not designed to ramble over rugged terrain.

So how does the Aygo X stack up against the top small cars?

Toyota Aygo X Performance

The 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine in the Toyota Aygo X produces 71 bhp without the need for turbocharging or hybrid electrical assistance. Its 0-62 mph time of 14.9 seconds best describes its pace as slow, and even at town speeds, you'll need to crank the engine to keep up with everyone else.

The five-speed manual gearbox in the Aygo X requires a lot of effort on faster routes. When driving up a hill, you may need to shift down a gear or two, and you should exercise extreme caution before attempting to pass a slower vehicle on a country road. With only a little downward pressure on the accelerator pedal, the Hyundai i10 (particularly the 1.2-liter version) has the extra pep needed to yank you out of corners and climb inclines.

Positively, the Aygo X's small turning circle makes manoeuvring at low speeds simple. On the 18-inch wheels, the ride is surprisingly soft despite being very robust. The car seems stable over rougher portions of the road, maintaining composure through unexpected undulations at speed far better than the i10.

Toyota Aygo X Interior

Despite being the smallest vehicle in the Toyota lineup, the Aygo X isn't particularly uncomfortable to drive. The steering wheel and pedals are well-aligned, and the seat is height-adjustable. The instrument cluster boasts a 4.2-inch colour screen that shows important data like your speed, fuel efficiency, and media preference.

The front of every version has a USB connector and a 12-volt outlet, and the Exclusive trim and higher have wireless phone charging. There is a four-speaker stereo in every Aygo X, and it sounds decent. Four speakers are included in the optional JBL system, which also includes a 300W amp and a subwoofer. The touchscreen and climate controls are positioned such that they are easily accessible to the driver. Because of the large door mirrors and the front windscreen pillars' relative narrowness, forward sight is often good.

The thick rear pillars and narrow rear window, however, make it difficult to see out the back and create a sizable blind spot when turning or changing lanes. Rear-view cameras are provided as standard to assist with parking, while front and rear parking sensors are added with the Park Pack or top-spec Exclusive trim.

Toyota Aygo X Space

The Toyota Aygo X has lots of room up front, with enough leg and headroom for anyone over 6 feet tall and enough elbow room to prevent feeling crowded. However, the front passenger seat cannot be adjusted for height, so taller passengers may feel a little high off the ground. Adult passengers have little room in the back, and the optional canvas sunroof further lowers headroom. Having little leg room and side windows that open out rather than close, claustrophobia may rapidly set in.

Because of the narrow entrance, access to the back seats is quite constrained, which makes it challenging to install a large child seat. The Aygo X only has two seatbelts in the rear, which is disappointing given that the shorter and narrower Hyundai i10 can fit three people. Even by small car standards, the Aygo X's 231-litre boot is very modest, with the Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto both delivering more than 250 litres. The boot has enough room for your weekly groceries or a couple of carry-on baggage, but it is difficult to load heavier items due to the boot's narrow opening and high lip.


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