The Growing Trend of Pickup Trucks

By Cheryl Prince
The Growing Trend of Pickup Trucks
You could be forgiven for thinking that pickup trucks are only popular in America, as that is where we see them on our TVs, but lately, pickups are becoming a more familiar sight on our streets and in our car parks across the UK. Manufacturers like Toyota and Ford are producing pickups that are competitively priced and easy to manoeuvre, as well as looking fantastic.

Can a pickup really meet the cross-over needs of a car and a van?

The double cab version means that you can take the whole crew with you to the worksite as well as transport the materials. It also means that it can be used for personal use; car seats for kids can be easily fitted and the works truck is suddenly transformed into the family vehicle, load in the picnic, and you're off on a day trip to the beach.

A double cab pickup truck can be just as luxurious as a large family car, using a pickup as both your work vehicle and personal transport could save you the expense of simultaneously running, insuring and taxing two vehicles.

Here are MWVC we have a range of pickups that may just suit you and your needs. We are always on hand to help, and finance leasing couldn’t be easier with our help. Simply look through the deals that we have on offer (they do change quite often so don’t leave it too long to contact us) and then select the options that fit you and your business, we even offer a maintenance package, so you have one less thing to worry about during your lease period.

Popular pickups

The choice of pickups in the UK might not be huge, but they certainly know how to make them appealing. The Ford Ranger takes up to 40% of all pickup truck sales and has seats that are said to be inspired by fighter jet seats. They offer up the ecoblue diesel engine producing fewer CO2 emissions than ever before, and an automatic 10-speed gearbox to 4-wheel drive allowing you to drive comfortably on any surface. The Ranger offers all the luxury you would expect in an executive car.

The Toyota Hilux is a powerful all terrain truck with a 2.8 litre diesel engine for effortless acceleration and active traction control meaning that no matter where you're driving you will always be in control. The onboard tech is also impressive, giving you access to information about pre collision warnings and pedestrian proximity. Heated seats and auto adjustable lights mean your comfort needs can be met before you even know you want them.

Maxus T90 is the all singing all dancing fully electric pickup truck, it is leading the way for the future of pickups, and it comes from China. It comes with an 88.5 kWh battery giving over 200 miles per charge and a rear mounted 201bhp electric motor making it a rear-wheel drive. With the Maxus being 100% electric, there will be no extra charges through taxes and a full charge will cost less than a full tank of diesel, so it's win-win.

Maxus T90


So, as you can see, the pickup truck can be quite versatile and adapt to anything that you throw at it. It can be a work vehicle for transporting goods and equipment, it can transport the team too and even go off-road without any issue. For evenings and weekends, it can easily be transformed in to a family vehicle with the truck space at the back allowing ample room for the weekly shop and the kids bikes. The added extras in the interior of the pickups really add to the luxurious feel, and you wouldn’t think that you were in a truck but a high-end SUV. What's more, the Maxus’s release shows that in an age where we are growing more and more conscious of the environment and our carbon footprint, we can still do our bit and not compromise on our vehicle choice.