Our Volkswagen ID 3 Review 2022

By Libby Foster
Our Volkswagen ID 3 Review 2022

Thinking of Leasing a Volkswagen ID 3?

The name might suggest that the Volkswagen ID 3 is a new character in the latest Star Wars movie, but unfortunately, it’s just a car. But it is a very important car in the VW family, as it is the first electric-based one. The number three in its name is significant since it designates the vehicle as the third major introduction by the manufacturer overall, following the iconic Volkswagen Golf and the first Beetle.

Speaking of the Beetle, the ID 3 has an important feature with the original Volkswagen: its 'engine' (which is an electric motor) is located at the back of the vehicle, driving the rear wheels. This, along with the fact that the ID 3's battery is located below the floor for a low centre of gravity, should aid its cornering abilities. Read on for our in-depth review of the Volkswagen ID 3 if you're wanting to make the switch to electric for the first time or if you already own an electric car and want to renew it.

Volkswagen ID 3 Drive 

The 58kWh battery comes in two power outputs. It boasts 143bhp in the Pro, but 201bhp in our suggested Pro Performance, achieving 0-60mph in 6.6sec during our tests. That's slower than the Tesla Model 3 Stand Range Plus and closer to the fastest Nissan Leaf, but the ID 3 still has instant electric car surge off the mark and enough kick to keep you in the fast lane. Furthermore, in our Real Range test, this version of the ID 3 covered 226 miles, surpassing the nearly related Skoda Enyaq with an equally sized battery pack.

A large, heavy battery necessitates a firm suspension setup to sustain it, so don't expect the ID 3 to provide Volkswagen Golf-like ride comfort. It's not harsh, smoothing the pugnaciousness out of broad furrows and folds at speed, but it gets choppy over potholes around town, and it frequently wiggles a little on the motorway. However, the small electric car class isn't exactly brimming with competitors who ride better.

Volkswagen ID 3 Interior 

The inside of the Volkswagen ID 3 is contemporary without being so groundbreaking that it would frighten anyone who is afraid of change. It's a simple affair, with a digital pod behind the steering wheel and a small but clear 5.3in display showing the speed, range, and sat-nav directions, as well as a rotary-style gear selector on the side. The layout of the vehicle is excellent, with the driver's seat situated in a way that is comfortable for the pedals and steering wheel. The wheel can be adjusted for height and reach as usual.

All ID 3s feature a 10.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, which is smaller than the 15.0-inch display seen in the Tesla Model 3, but similar in size to many of its competitors. Regrettably, Volkswagen's infotainment system is far not as sophisticated as the Model 3's. It tries to be, with flashy images of the car that spin seductively when you switch screens, but it's all show and no go, and the layout is clumsy and unclear. The system in the e-Niro is also much easier to use, while the actual iDrive controller in the BMW i3 demonstrates how a sophisticated system can be made incredibly simple to use while driving.

Volkswagen ID 3 Space

The Volkswagen ID 3's front seat has more than adequate room. You should have enough head and legroom if you are at least six feet tall. Additionally, there is some decent storage space available. The centre console, which features numerous cubbies and standard cup holders, houses a sizable portion of it. The door bins and glovebox are both respectable sizes.

The ID 3's length and interior space in the back is comparable to that of a Volkswagen Golf. Taller riders can sit behind any similarly tall passenger without feeling cramped, although there isn't much head or leg room available. To give you some context, a Tesla Model 3 has more space. In comparison to a Renault Zoe, a Nissan Leaf offers better headroom overall but less legroom in the back.

The boot is almost the same size as the Golf's, which works well for storing a buggy, the weekly grocery trip, or a few carry-on luggage of manageable size. If you require a lot of cargo space, the Leaf's boot is larger and the Model 3's is in another league. 


A little electric car that is remarkably well-rounded is the Volkswagen ID 3. Due to its well-weighted steering and excellent body control, it is not only one of the few EVs that is enjoyable to drive, but it also feels incredibly quick, matching the acceleration of the more expensive Kia e-NiroLong Range and crushing the rest of its main competitors, such as the Citroen e-C4 and Peugeot e-208.

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