What Are the Main Qualities of a Pickup Truck?

By Lauren Bagnall
What Are the Main Qualities of a Pickup Truck?

What Makes a Pickup Truck So Good?

In recent years, pickup trucks have become a great alternative to vans for businesses. They have impressive towing capabilities, and have come a long way in terms of driver comfort with luxurious interiors. However, vans are still a more popular choice due to their enclosed space and more recognisable features. Pickup trucks are a great choice if you're looking to take your vehicle home from work, allowing you to carry out your errands and other daily activities, but what are the key benefits of a pickup leasing deal?

There are various pickup truck lease deals out there, from Ford pickups to the popular Toyota Hilux. For the best lease deals possible, come to us at MW Vehicle Contracts. Providing pickup, van and car leasing in Leicester and across the country, we can deliver your brand-new vehicle directly to your door across mainland UK, personalising your contract to suit you and your budget. If you're considering a pickup truck leasing deal, here are just some of the various qualities.

They Are Incredibly Versatile

Pickup trucks are more than just towing vehicles nowadays. Although their towing capacity is one of their main attributes, they can do so much more. Most models have an impressive flatbed for carrying goods, machinery and other products to help you work more efficiently. They're incredibly durable too, making them a great choice for rougher terrain such as construction sites. Their interiors mimic those of a luxury SUV too, with plenty of room for passengers.

If you're looking for a Ford pickup truck with all the amenities needed for an optimal and comfortable drive, then the all-new Ford Ranger is available on a pickup leasing deal with us here at MWVC. For just £299.99* per month ex. VAT, it is the perfect business vehicle with a payload of 1024kg. To view the rest of our pickup truck special offers, please visit us here.

Impressive Towing Capabilities

One of the main reasons people opt for a pickup truck is due to its great towing capacity. Not only can you place heavy goods in the flatbed at the back, but you can even tow heavy vehicles behind you too. Pickups are often needed in times of crisis; many people with a pickup truck will advertise their services on Facebook in case anyone is stranded in heavy snow or severe weather. Pickup trucks are able to tow vehicles that are almost twice their weight, so they're to be considered if you plan on making heavy transports.

When it comes to the most reliable pickup trucks to lease, the Toyota Hilux is always a great option. Top Gear proved its durability over a number of episodes, and the latest model is no different. We currently have this popular pickup truck on special offer for just £319.99* per month ex. VAT, perfect for businesses looking to cut costs with their fleet of vehicles.

More Luxurious, Comfortable Interiors

Pickup trucks have picked up this unfair stereotype that they're incredibly old fashioned and rickety. However, despite what old movies might have you believe, they've come a long way. In fact, their interiors resemble that of a luxury SUV, with infotainment systems, heated seats and plenty of room for passengers. How a vehicle feels to drive is incredibly important, especially if you're looking to drive the vehicle all day or provide a fleet of vans for employees.

All of our cheap pickup truck leasing deals can be tailored to suit your business perfectly, with plenty of incentives to make them the perfect company vehicles. To find out more, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and our helpful sales team will objectively advise on the very best vehicle for you.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing