What We Offer: Leasing Options

By Libby Foster
What We Offer: Leasing Options

Our Leasing Options

With so many different ways to buy a vehicle nowadays, it can be hard to determine exactly which method is the best for you. From car leasing to financing, you can now choose the best payment option to fit your budget and preferences. Here at MW Vehicle Contracts (MWVC), we specialise in car, pick-up and van leasing in the UK suitable for both private and business use. With a wide range of commercial vehicles to choose from, along with different monthly payment prices to suit every budget, we’ve got the perfect deal for you.

When you lease a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about paying interest, unlike financing. Following your initial rental, your monthly rentals will remain the same throughout the entirety of your contract length. Once that’s up, you can return the vehicle for a brand new one that suits your needs. Wondering what different vehicles you can lease from us? Read our article below to find the best option for you.


Car leasing has become a popular choice in recent years for individuals and businesses alike. It is viewed as being much more practical and cheaper than buying a car upfront, and it won't cost you interest like finance options do. It is simply not affordable to buy a brand new car model upfront, so leasing takes care of that problem, as you pay monthly on a fixed term contract. We offer plenty of lease deals here at MWVC to suit your budget, and we will always be upfront about the cost with you.

Whether you’re looking for a simple car to get you from A to B, or you’re seeking out a sleek, prestige motor you’d be proud to show off, we’ve got the deal for you. Our BMW 8 series Sdrive is part of our special offers range, and is perfect for anyone looking for that stunning brand new car to display on the roads. If you’re looking for a sustainable way of getting around, our full electric Vauxhall Corsa’s are the perfect choice if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly this year. 


Whether you’re in need of a van for your business or you’re a sole trader, leasing a van instead of buying can save you money in the long term, providing you with a brand new van to get you from client to client. We have a wide range of vans for lease in the UK, suitable for any kind of business and trade. You can view our van lease deals here in our special offers section.

Our diesel Ford Transit vans are the optimal choice if you’re looking for a vehicle to help you transport your goods for trade. With a payload of 849kg, it makes for a perfect transportation van, with plenty of room to store assets such as heavy machinery and building equipment. 


If you’re looking for an easier way to load and unload items, and you need a stylish new vehicle to help you perform pickups, look no further than our impressive pick-up range. Whether you’re looking for a single or a double cab, pick-ups are the best choice if you’re looking to move a heavy load fast.

Our vast collection of Nissan pickup lease options are perfect for your budget and preferences. This particular Nissan Navara has an impressive payload of 1115kg, and is the most suitable option for towing heavy vehicles and other assorted loads. Our experts here at MWVC can provide you with a bespoke quote of the make and model of your choice, and we won’t charge you admin fees. To find out more, or to get in touch, give us a call on 0116 259 9548.