Stay Safe this Winter with Our Driving Tips

By Libby Foster
Stay Safe this Winter with Our Driving Tips
With summer seeming a distant memory right now, and with the wintery weather conditions starting to linger in, your driving safety is critical. Even for a seasoned driver, winter driving in the UK can be a daunting thought. Winter driving in the UK can present a variety of challenges, from snow and ice to long dark nights and high winds. If this is your first winter on the roads, these factors may make you anxious about driving. To help you get over the fear of driving on the roads this winter, we have put together some of our top winter driving tips!

Driving Tips for Keeping Your Distance 

On snow and ice, your stopping distance is substantially longer than it is normally; instead of needing to leave a 2-second gap, you may need to allow a 10-second or longer space. As a result, it is never a good idea to drive too close to the vehicle in front of you because you won't be able to stop in time. So, make sure there is enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Know How to Use Your Cars Systems

In addition to experiencing colder temperatures during the winter, we also get shorter days, which means you'll be utilising your lights more frequently. Make sure all of your lights are in functioning order and that you are aware of when to use each one before beginning any journey. To help this issue de-ice your car before you leave and ensure that you avoid mist building up, you need also to make sure you are aware of the heat controls to utilise. Without heat, driving a car in the cold may be challenging—and we're not just referring to driving without the convenience of heated seats!

Check Your Tyres are Prepared for Winter Driving 

In the winter, your grip will be significantly reduced, thus maintaining proper tyre health is crucial. While the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, grip begins to decrease at a depth of 3mm or less, so be careful and regularly check your tyres and replace them as and when necessary. Additionally, you can obtain some winter tyres, which, as their name implies, will improve your traction and grip in the winter. If your budget permits it and you frequently drive, it might be something to consider investing in.

Icey road warning sign

Prepare for all Weather 

Winter weather includes more than just snow and ice; it can also include torrential rain, wind, and fog, all of which can make driving challenging. Driving in these circumstances requires many small considerations, many of which are detailed in our blog post on driving in torrential rain. The best advice we can give is to drive slowly, remain composed and aware, and keep both hands on the wheel. Rain will have an impact on the road surfaceas well as visibility. When you add wind and fog to this, you have a pretty challenging situation.

It’s Not a Race  

In winter the last thing you should be doing is driving whilst you're in a rush as this can lead to accidents. Waiting until the last minute to go will put you through so much unnecessary stress, especially when wintery conditions and a lack of driving experience are involved. Driving in the winter requires extra caution, so leave far earlier than usual to give yourself as much time as you can.

Watch Out for Black Ice 

Black ice is the two words no driver wants to hear when they're driving around in winter. Not only is it incredibly hard to spot on the roads, but it is also extremely dangerous. This is where our previous point comes in handy. Take your time and drive steadily to avoid the risk of skidding on black ice.

About MWVC 

We hope that these UK road driving recommendations for winter were useful. Remember to ask a friend or family member to drive with you on a few journeys if you're not feeling comfortable doing so this winter. It will help you gain confidence knowing that someone is there to assist you if necessary. 

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