XL Citroen Dispatch: Review

By Emily Fletcher
XL Citroen Dispatch: Review
The Citroen Dispatch van, introduced in 2016, has become a popular choice for those seeking practicality, size, and affordability.

While competitors have enhanced and polished their vans, the Citroen Dispatch emerged as a completely fresh model, offering three different body lengths: XS, M, and XL.

At MWVC, we offer the XL Citroen Dispatch at an affordable price of £279.99 PCM (ex. VAT). This article will review the interior, reliability and more - enabling you to identify if this van is the right fit for your needs.

Citroen Dispatch: Essential Information

  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Load Length: 2862 mm.
  • Payload: 1408 kg.

Citroen Dispatch: Interior

Notably, the quality of plastics employed in the van's interior has undergone a significant enhancement, along with a notable improvement in the aesthetic appeal of both the dashboard and steering wheel.

The cabin of the Dispatch offers both comfort and practicality. The van includes a generous amount of storage space, totalling 49 litres, which includes spacious door bins, two glove boxes on the passenger side, and an A4-sized compartment situated atop the dashboard.

Furthermore, the Citroen Dispatch excels in terms of accessibility, facilitated by its low seating position and wide-opening doors. Making it an easy vehicle to get in and out of quickly.

Citroen Dispatch: Drive and Performance

Citroen has built a reputation for placing utmost importance on comfort in the production of their vehicles. The Dispatch exemplifies this commitment, solidifying their position as one of the leading industry players in delivering a truly comfortable driving experience.

The reason it is such a pleasure to drive stems from its car-like handling characteristics. The steering of the Dispatch is both responsive and lightweight, rendering it a user-friendly choice for individuals who are new to driving a van.

As well, it offers excellent fuel efficiency, with an estimated 55.4mpg, and delivers power smoothly. Even when carrying a full load, it provides ample strength for steady and satisfactory performance. Making it easy to drive on the motorway but also in busy, rural areas.

Is the Citroen Dispatch Safe?

In short, yes - the Citroen Dispatch is very safe. You can add on extra items, to ensure maximum safety such as:

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

Speed limiter

Forward distance alert

Head-up display

Blind spot monitors

Traffic sign recognition

Lane departure warning

Driver fatigue monitor

Is the Citroen Dispatch Ideal For Businesses?

The Citroen Dispatch is considered an ideal choice for many businesses, especially those involved in transportation and delivery services.

The Dispatch is a versatile and reliable commercial vehicle that offers several features that make it suitable for business purposes. Some of these features include:

Cargo Space
Payload Capacity
Fuel Efficiency


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