Frequently Asked Leasing & Contract Hire Questions

Frequently Asked Leasing & Contract Hire Questions

What are the different types of funding options?

If you look in the Finance Explained section of our website you will be able to see the different types of funding options.

Am I restricted the amount of mileage I can do in my vehicle?

One of the main advantages of vehicle leasing is that it is possible to tailor the contract to suit your specific needs.

Why does the cost of the monthly payments increase with the number of miles I do?

This is simply because the way the cost of the vehicle is calculated is by working out the vehicles future value. The more miles you cover in the vehicle the less it is worth at the end of the contract, as the anticipated depreciation of the vehicle is more.

How long is the lease period?

The length of the contract depends on your requirements, with a minimum of two years up to a maximum of five years.

What is the initial deposit?

This is normally three times the normal subsequent monthly payment. We can offer a single payment equal to the subsequent monthly payment and also an enhanced or larger initial payment.

I do not have my own business; it is possible to privately lease a vehicle?

Of course; please call us for any advice or a quotation.

Can I buy the vehicle at the end of my contract?

It is possible to gain ownership at the end of certain agreements, please call our sales team for more information.

Is maintenance included in the contract?

Again this is down to you; there is the option to include maintenance in your monthly payments if you wish.

Would you recommend the maintenance option and what does it include?

We would definitely recommend the vehicle maintenance option as it is fully comprehensive; the package includes manufacturer scheduled servicing, mechanical and electrical repairs. There is also a no quibble tyre replacement policy which offers premium brand tyre replacements of any worn or damaged tyre.

Is delivery included?

Yes free of charge direct to you.

Is the road fund license included?

The Road Fund Licence is included for the duration of the contract with Contract Hire and Contract Purchase agreements.

Are all the vehicles you supply UK sourced?

Yes all the vehicles are sourced and supplied through UK main dealers.