10 Reasons Why Leasing a Van is a Good Option

By Emma Williams
10 Reasons Why Leasing a Van is a Good Option

Leasing a Van is a Good Option

Finding a new van, particularly if it’s your first can be a bit of a minefield.  Where shall I get it from, which van best suits my needs and the all-important question: How am I going to pay for it?!

Well, basically, you have two options:  you can buy or you can lease…..

Here at MW Vehicle Contracts, we are strong advocates of leasing for many reasons.  Agreed, if you buy your van then it belongs to you, but buying has its downside too as it means parting with a large sum of money - either your own or through a loan.  With a lease, however, you can spread the cost of the van over the fixed term of a contract and at the end of the term you can simply return it and walk away, or, if you prefer – you can take out another new van on a fresh agreement – simple! 

(If you definitely want to own your van though then you’ll be pleased to hear that we have funding options which allow ownership too.  See our finance page or give us a ring to find out how this could work for you.)

Leasing is best suited to you if you like the idea of driving a new van every few years.  In fact, there are many advantages of leasing a van over buying one and here we have identified ten of those very reasons to help you understand why leasing could be for you:

1.     You get a really good deal, that’s right for you:

MW Vehicle Contracts is a car leasing company and operates as an independent vehicle broker.  This means we get the best deals from all the finance companies and car dealerships which we can pass on to you.  Basically this means we get the most competitive market rates available, driving down your monthly costs.

2.    You can drive a better van:

Leasing a van means you only pay for depreciation of said van over the lease period.  This equates to lower monthly payments for you meaning that you can afford to drive a better van than if you had bought one.

3.    Drive a reliable van:

Because every few years you can lease a new van you can make sure the worry of unreliability and missing a day’s work is drastically reduced.  What’s more, if anything does happen to your leased van the chances are you’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or the maintenance contract should you choose to take one.

4.    Get out of having an MOT:

A new van has to have its first MOT at 3 years old.  This means if you lease a van on an agreement shorter than this, then it will no longer be your responsibility when the MOT is due – hey presto!  You can then take out a lease on a new van and do it all again!

5.    Get better fuel economy:

It’s obvious really, the newer your vehicle the better the fuel economy.  Fuel is expensive these days so this is a significant gain.  Get yourself a new van and bring down your running costs.

6.    Help the environment:

A modern van will have lower CO2 emissions than an older version helping you to be environmentally friendly.  This is a big issue now worldwide and manufacturers are all working toward greener statistics for their vehicles to do their bit to help save our planet!  Also, lower CO2 emissions means cheaper motoring. There are also advantages to having a lower emission van if you’re driving in London or other cities that have charges for congestion or low emission zones.

7.    More cargo space:

Van manufacturers are always working towards creating more space in your van for carrying cargo and improving fixed points for securing your contents.  Each model is constantly upgraded so even if you hand back your new van after 3 years and take out another new one of the same model the chances are it will be significantly better, and the next time and the next time…..

8.    Improved safety:

Something else manufacturers are constantly working toward is improved safety.  This includes: updated electronics, improvements in body design and even the condition of your tyres and brakes.  A newer van means safer motoring.

9.    Better accounting:

There are lots of benefits to leasing a new van; including tax-offsetting, taking depreciating assets off your balance sheet and better cash flow by avoiding substantial capital spend.

10.    It creates a good impression:

A new van looks great to other people, including your customers.  Turning up in a nice, new van when you see customers is going to do your reputation a lot more good than turning up in a battered old van that is filling the air with horrible exhaust fumes.  No brainer really!

So, we have shown you why leasing a van is such a good idea.  If now, you think this is something you would like to learn more about then why not give us a call on 0116 259 9548 or use our contact form here, we are waiting to talk to you.  We can help you understand all your different options and run you off a no obligation quote to let you see just what value for money leasing is.  And, if at the end of it you still think buying your van is a better option for you then we can help you with that too!