Why Should I Lease a Commercial Vehicle?

By Lauren Bagnall
Why Should I Lease a Commercial Vehicle?

If you need a brand-new car, van or pickup truck to transport goods and cargo, chances are, you'll be on the hunt for a commercial vehicle. These types of vehicles take many different shapes and sizes, but one thing is evident in all kinds; they can be incredibly expensive if you decide to buy up front. Commercial vehicle leasing is by far the cheapest way to drive a brand-new motor, and if you're a business, there's even some VAT benefits too.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC) we provide car, pickup and van leasing deals for personal and business use alike. All our contracts are designed to suit your budget and preferences, whether you're looking for a car lease deal just for yourself, or you're looking for a fleet of large or small vans to benefit your business. Read our latest article below to discover why you should lease a commercial vehicle today.

What is a Commercial Vehicle?

Known as multi-purpose vehicles used for all kinds of instances, a commercial vehicle's main purpose is to transport goods and cargo. Trades people in all kinds of industries opt for these types of vehicles due to their practicality and versatility, and they make for great additions to your work fleet, whether you're self-employed or running a business.

When using these vehicles for business purposes, you can claim back up to 100% of the VAT from your initial payment if you take out a lease deal with MWVC. This tax deduction is a much better option financially if you're looking for a brand-new motor, allowing you to choose your commercial fleet without worrying too much about the cost. Here at MWVC, we have a range of large and small van lease deals perfect for businesses and self-employed individuals alike. The Citroen Berlingo is currently on offer at £158.22 per month ex. VAT, and is the perfect choice if you're into transporting smaller cargo. You can read more about which van is perfect for your business here.

Different Types of Commercial Vehicles

There are various types of vehicles available for lease that can transport goods and tow heavy objects. The most popular commercial vehicles are medium sized vans, as they're perfect for moving heavy objects such as construction materials and tools. They're also incredibly durable, and they're easy to drive despite their sizeable load. Panel vans such as the Nissan NV300 are popular choices due to their space and payload, and also possess a privacy quality to keep your goods safe from prying eyes.

Pickup trucks can also be considered commercial vehicles as they're great for towing heavy objects, and it's much easier to load and unload goods from the cargo bed. They're built to withstand difficult terrain, making them the perfect long-distance vehicles. If you're looking towards commercial vehicle leasing and pickup trucks tick all your boxes, the all-new double cab Ford Ranger is currently £236.08 ex. VAT per month and can easily boost your reputation as a business with its new features and qualities.

Why Should I Look Towards Leasing?

If you're looking to drive a brand-new vehicle but don't want to pay the extortionate upfront costs, then leasing is by far the most practical and cost effective choice. Following an initial rental, your monthly rentals will be suited to your budget and a contract length of your choice, allowing you to manage your finances and boost your reputation as a professional business. Also, let's not forget that if you're a VAT registered organisation, you'll be able to claim back up to 100% of the VAT on all of your rentals, and can be offset against taxable profits too.

Here at MWVC, we have a range of commercial vehicle leasing deals perfectly suited to you and your preferences. The popular Ford Transit Connect is currently £153.51 per month ex. VAT, and comes with an impressive payload of 887kg. Pickup, van and car leasing is an increasingly popular choice due to the financial benefits, so why not get involved today? If you wish to discuss your leasing options, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 0116 259 9548.