We Have Another Happy Customer. . . . .

By MW Vehicle Contracts
We Have Another Happy Customer. . . . .

Another Happy Customer

Remember back in March we told you about Mrs Ridgway who took delivery of her new Fiesta? We also told you how her daughter Esther had ordered a car through us and was patiently waiting for June to arrive to take delivery. Well, June arrived and so did the car! 

Esther and her daughter Tilly are proudly standing by their shiny new Renault Captur. Maybe in a few years’ time, Tilly will be the third generation of the same family to have a car from MW Vehicle Contracts. Apparently, Tilly has her eye on a yellow mini, let’s give it about 12 years and we will see what we can do.

Huge thanks to Esther who was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process.Esthers Capture