Common Myths About Pickup Trucks You Should Avoid Falling For

By Lauren Bagnall
Common Myths About Pickup Trucks You Should Avoid Falling For

There are many different reasons why an individual or business may opt for a pickup truck. They have an impressive towing capacity and can load heavy goods for transportation. They're preferred by individuals who work in construction and trade, but they also double as great everyday vehicles if you need to run errands, meaning you don't necessarily have to get two different vehicles for work and leisure. Despite this, there are still various myths that exist about pickup trucks, although they are increasing in popularity. With a wide range of pickup lease deals available, you can drive a brand-new pickup truck at an affordable rate.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), all of our personal and business leasing deals can be suited to you, your profession and your budget. All of our pickup, car and van leasing deals come with fixed monthly rentals that will never change throughout your contract, helping you cut the cost and manage your finances with ease. If you wish to lease a pickup truck, it can be a great investment for both you and your business, so allow us to ease some of your potential worries.

Pickups Are More Functional Than Aesthetic 

In the past, pickups were perceived to be not as stylish as SUVs or as comfortable as your everyday hatchback and were just seen as vehicles used for work. Nowadays, pickup trucks have been designed and developed to be more than just a haulage vehicle; they have updated infotainment systems and interiors, plus more contemporary safety features to make them an attractive, leisurely vehicle too. Commercial vehicle leasing deals are always recommended, no matter your business. If you need a brand-new work vehicle, but comfort is a requirement, a pickup truck could be the perfect choice for you.

We have a wide collection of brand-new pickup trucks here at MWVC perfect for adding a touch of class to your work vehicle. This all-new Toyota Hilux costs just £185.68* per month ex. VAT, helps you manage your finances and monitor your monthly spending. To view our full collection of pickup deals and special offers, please visit us here.

Four-Wheel Driving is Perfect for All Terrains

If you're planning to drive on rougher, more uneven terrain, then a pickup truck is a perfect choice. However, some people think that pickup trucks are perfect for even the roughest of roads, but like all vehicles, they have their limits. Pickup trucks are desirable on snowy and rocky roads, but if you're hoping to climb a mountain, you might want to think again. The four-wheel-drive qualities don't always mean that your pickup truck will operate as a tank, but they're definitely the best vehicle to have if you're driving frequently on rockier ground.

If you're after a durable, tougher vehicle to help you carry out your tasks more effectively and efficiently, there are plenty of pickup trucks available on affordable leasing deals which can benefit you and your business. This brand-new Ford Ranger costs just £225.70* per month ex. VAT, complete with contemporary safety features and interiors to make your journey more comfortable.

They Aren't Made for City Drives

Earlier models of pickup trucks were built to work optimally on work sites. Whilst newer pickup trucks are still built to withstand rougher terrain with impressive haulage properties, they're built with the modern-day driver in mind. They have much better handling and driver-assisted features, making them perfect for driving in and around towns and cities as well as work sites.

As previously mentioned, pickup trucks are incredibly versatile and can suit both your personal life and your work life. The all-new double cab Nissan Navara costs just £191* per month ex. VAT, with an impressive payload of 1160kg and cruise control for ease of driving. All of our pickup lease deals are perfectly suited to you and your budget, with flexible contract length and monthly rental options. To find out more about our pickup, van and car leasing deals, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548. A friendly member of our sales team will be happy to assist.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing