Is an Electric Vehicle Still Cheaper Than a Diesel Vehicle?

By Libby Foster
Is an Electric Vehicle Still Cheaper Than a Diesel Vehicle?
While electric vehicles are an intelligent choice given their low running costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved fuel economy, diesel cars are more affordable to buy initially and have better torque. In comparison to conventional combustion-engined transportation, an electric vehicle is quickly seeming like a more sensible buy thanks to a network of charging stations that is growing every day. But, which is better to lease?  

Do you want to know if an electric or a diesel vehicle is best for you? To find out which is best for your spending plan, driving habits, and the environment, read our article.

Are Electric Cars Better for the Environment? 

There is no better option to ease your stress than an electric vehicle if you're worried about how much CO2 emissions your vehicle emits when you're driving. Unlike diesel vehicles, they lack an internal combustion engine (ICE) and a tailpipe that releases damaging greenhouse gases into the atmosphere after burning fossil fuels.

According to data from the European Environment Agency, a diesel car's average CO2 emissions are 121.5g/km, or roughly 1.5 times higher than the EU's objective of 95g/km for all new cars in the years 2020–21. A study by the Union of Scientists utilising the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S indicated that overall global warming emissions from EVs are around half that of a diesel vehicle over a lifetime, even though electric cars produce more emissions at the point of manufacturing.

There is also the issue of noise pollution. Diesel engines, which operate at higher pressures during combustion, can have even louder engines than petrol-powered ones. On the other hand, because they are powered by a motor and battery, electric vehicles accelerate quickly and quietly.

Electric Car 

What Type of Driving is Ideal for Electric and Diesel Vehicles?

Some electric vehicles aren't known for being able to smoothly travel on the motorway. Many of them reach top speeds of 93 to 96 mph, but they lack the essential "umph" that diesel vehicles have at these higher speeds. This is primarily because diesel versions allow you to use many ratios to produce more torque when you're going quicker.

An EV will shine if you just typically travel local roads for short distances each day. Since they accelerate rapidly, frequently have smaller turning circles, and have responsive handling, many electric cars are enjoyable to drive at urban speeds.

Electric Charging Vs Filling Up a Diesel 

Depending on your driving patterns, you should examine which form of "fuelling" is more cost-effective when deciding between diesel and electric vehicles. To have the most effective option for driving the car, it's also crucial to know what your charging alternatives are because charging an EV requires much more time than filling it up at a station.

Diesel is the most expensive fuel you can use in a car. After all, it is taxed more heavily because it is thought to be "dirtier." Another factor is that diesel car sales are on the decline while sales of electric cars and fuel-efficient small-engine petrol models continue to soar. The low cost of charging electric vehicles is one of the main reasons for their popularity. This has largely been made possible by the expansion of the infrastructure for EV charging and the ubiquitous use of power. For instance, the typical 200-mile model costs about £8 to charge at home or about £6.50p to charge 100 miles at a rapid charger.

Diesel, on the other hand, costs, on average, 187.1 p/litre. You would have to pay £93.50 for the 50-litre Kia Ceed diesel variant. Based on the car's fuel efficiency (72.4 mpg), this would take you 796.4 miles.

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