Our 2022 Ford Transit Custom Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Ford Transit Custom Review

Fancy leasing a Ford Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom was an instant hit and continues to be the best-selling van in the UK, both with drivers and fleets. Part of that success can be attributed to the Transit name itself, which has become so widely used in the UK that many people just refer to any van of this size as a Transit van.

Ford offers four different variants of its 2.0-litre diesel engine for the Custom, just like it does for the Ford Transit, its larger two-ton sister. Along with the 104bhp, 128bhp, and 167bhp models, there is a 182bhp version that has a lot of pulling power. Base, Trend, Limited, and Sport are the four trim levels available to drivers who choose to lease. A wide variety of options can also be incorporated. There are also Ford Transit Custom Active and Ford Transit Custom Trail models that are more sophisticated. Continue reading if you're unsure which one best fits your requirements.

Ford Transit Custom Drive

Choose the 182bhp engine, and the Transit Custom becomes a rocketship, at least in van terms. But regardless of the power output, you select, there is plenty of torque available over a wide rev range, making this a good van to drive both in populated areas and on highways. All Custom versions also adhere to the most recent Euro-6d emissions standards. Even the mid-range 128bhp unit comes in a mild hybrid variation that can help you save fuel by giving the engine brief electrical boosts.

The Custom also has the greatest mid-sized van handling currently available, with gratifyingly weighty steering that gives you positive feedback without ever getting tiresome. The Transit Custom strikes a decent mix of both comfort and body control, and the standard six-speed manual gearbox has a lovely, sharp action. Everything about how Transit Custom drives are pretty much perfect.

If you want to go off-road, the Transit Custom Trail (and the Active, where the Quaife differential is an optional extra) are about as proficient as you'll find in the mid-sized van segment without opting for a true 4x4 model of handling the slick terrain. Instead of using electronics, the diff expertly mechanically distributes power among the driven wheels. It not only allows you to travel farther off-road, but it also serves as an excellent safety net on slick or rainy roads by serving as an additional form of traction control.

Ford Transit Custom Interior

It ought to be simple for drivers of all sizes and shapes to find a comfortable position in the Transit Custom because of the steering wheel's ability to be adjusted for both rakes and reach and the seat's extensive range of adjustment. Along the top of the dash, there are numerous useful storage spaces, and the door bins have split-level compartments that let you covertly store small items.

The previous model's cluttered, sloping dashboard has been swapped out for one that is more straightforward and upright inside the most recent Transit Custom. A tablet-like 8.0inch touchscreen infotainment system is standard on Limited and Sport models, which is a good attempt to integrate high-end car equipment into a functional vehicle. The system makes use of Ford's third-generation Sync system, which is much easier to use than the multi-menu Sync 2 and a welcome improvement over the Trend models' standard 4.3-inch screen or the Base vans' standard AM/FM radio.

Ford Transit Custom Space

Given the range of options, it is not surprising that the Transit Custom has one of the largest cubic volumes of any medium-sized van. With a capacity of six cubic metres for a short-wheelbase standard roof model and 8.3 cubic metres for a long-wheelbase high roof, it can compete with models in the class above. With a gross vehicle weight range of 2.6 tonnes to 3.4 tonnes, it has one of the best load-carrying capacities in its class. The maximum payload varies based on body length and height and can reach 1459kg.

Due to the Transit Custom's high potential operating weight, it can carry a much larger payload than its competitors. The main reason the Transit Custom can carry 230 kg more than the VW Transporter and up to 180 kg more than the Mercedes Vito is that both of these rivals are only offered as 3.2-tonne vans, whereas the Transit Custom can carry 3.4 tonnes.

For the short-wheelbase version and the long-wheelbase version, respectively, the maximum load length is up to 2554mm and 2921mm. Vans with high roofs are 370mm taller than standard-height vans at 1406mm. 1175 mm is the width of the load, and 1350 mm separates the wheel arches. Rear doors can be locked at 90 degrees using a special hinge, but they can open at 180 degrees.


The Transit Custom comes from a long line of outstanding vans, and fortunately, it lives up to its reputation. It's fun to drive, has some cool safety features, and has powerful yet efficient engines. If you think the Custom is the right van for you or your feet, then you’re in luck. We currently have the Ford Transit Custom 280 L1 Fwd 2.0 Ecoblue 130ps Low Roof Limited Van on Low Rental Finance Lease for only £329.99 per month (ex. VAT)!

At MWVC, we offer a range of Ford Transit Custom van leasing options to satisfy every driver's requirements for picking the ideal pickup for themselves or their business. Find the best deal with the aid of our knowledgeable sales team. Are you still unsure if pickup leasing is the best option for you? One of our representatives will be happy to assist you if you call 0116 490 4113.

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