Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom has always stood out in the crowded marketplace as a paragon of reliability and strength. With the introduction of the all-new Ford Transit Custom for 2023, Ford continues to redefine the standards of the commercial vehicle market in the UK. 

All-New Ford Transit Custom 2023: A Next-Generation Workhorse

As Europe's best-selling van, its recent upgrade further amplifies its position at the top. Here's what sets the 2023 Ford Transit Custom apart, making Ford Transit Custom leasing a top choice for businesses, just like yours.

Unrivalled Space and Load Capacity

Whether you're moving goods or transporting tools, space and payload are often the decisive factors in selecting a van. The all-new Ford Transit Custom boasts an impressive load space ranging from 5.8 to 9.0 cubic metres. Coupled with a max gross payload of a whopping 1,327 kg, the new ford transit custom models offer unmatched capacity. When compared to competitors like the Volkswagen Transporter, Vauxhall Vivaro or the Renault Trafic, the Transit Custom range holds an edge in many ways, so that your business can operate without any limitations. The Transit Custom is available in two distinct variants: the panel Van and the Double Cab-in-Van (sometimes call the crew cab). Couple this with two body lengths, two roof heights, and a plethora of equipment options, and it's clear that you can truly personalise your Ford Transit Custom van experience.

Sustainability Meets Efficiency

In the era of sustainable business practices, Ford will soon be introducing the E-Transit Custom, a remarkable all-electric variant. Offering a promising electric driving range of between 171 to 236 miles, it stands out as a symbol of Ford's commitment to a greener future. This isn't just about environment-conscious driving; it's also about reducing running costs. With zero emissions while driving, businesses can expect significant savings in the long run, giving the Transit Custom an advantage over traditional diesel competitors. All this is while the existing 2.0 diesel Ford Transit Custom options have been cleaned up even more, but also delivering a punchy 136bhp to carry your load around without any issues.

The Ultimate Mobile Office

Ford's emphasis on next-gen connectivity is evident in the 2023 Transit Custom. Recognising the evolving needs of modern businesses, Ford has reimagined the van as not just a transport vehicle but a mobile office. Innovative design features transform your van into a workspace, and when combined with advanced software and Ford Pro connectivity tools, your productivity skyrockets. Whether you're on the move or parked at a job site, your van ensures you remain connected and efficient. While other brands have dabbled in connectivity, Ford's comprehensive suite truly stands out.

The Limited Spec: A Touch of Luxury

For businesses aiming to strike a balance between functionality and luxury, the Ford Transit Custom's Limited spec is the go-to choice. The Limited spec adds a touch of elegance and a host of features that elevate the driving and ownership experience. From the polished alloy wheels that add a dash of style, to the advanced parking sensors ensuring every parking manoeuvre is precise and safe, the Limited spec is designed for the discerning. Inside, there's air conditioning for unparalleled comfort, and a SYNC 3 system, further enhancing connectivity options and entertainment. While many vans in its class offer upgrades, the Transit Custom's Limited spec truly encapsulates a premium experience without compromising its hard-working attitude. For those considering Ford Transit Custom leasing, the Limited spec is an option that promises to deliver the best of both worlds.

Why MWVC for Ford Transit Custom Leasing?

With the all-new Transit Custom, Ford has crafted a masterpiece that is tough, reliable, and impeccably designed for the modern business landscape. Our Ford Transit Custom leasing options at MWVC align perfectly with this ethos. We understand that in today's fast-paced business environment, you need a vehicle that's more than just a mode of transport.

Discover our great Ford Transit Custom leasing deals, and elevate your workday. Whether you're looking for the electric efficiency of the E-Transit Custom (when it becomes available) or the versatility of the traditional diesel Transit Custom models, we have a solution tailored for you. With MWVC and the Ford Transit Custom 2023, you're not just driving; you're leading.

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FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 280 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 136ps Low Roof Limited Van
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280 L1 FWD 2.0 EcoBlue 136ps Low Roof Limited Van

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