Information About Van Theft

By Emma Williams
Information About Van Theft

A total of 32,056 vans have been stolen across the UK in the last four years and the trend indicates figures are increasing 4% year on year!

Vans are crucial to so many businesses up and down the UK, and when one is stolen it creates a lot of unwanted emotional stress. Not only due to the loss of your precious van but also the potential damage to your reputation as you let customers down while you sort the problem out. On top of that is the financial strain caused by the cost of replacing all the tools you may have lost. The average tool theft claim costs the tradesperson £1,692 in the UK according to research. To illustrate potential income loss to you: Insurance companies have reported that in one year in the UK, tool theft alone cost tradespeople just under £100 million - some workers even found themselves £14,000 out of pocket after just one break-in.

This evidence alone shows that we need to take the threat of van theft and/or content very seriously. There are, of course, precautions that can be taken and more importantly, to get into the habit of taking, every time you leave your van anywhere, particularly when it is parked up overnight.

Below you will find a checklist that may prove helpful. If you are looking to replace an existing van or lease a new one, talk to one of our account managers about preventing van theft and how to ensure your van. We use an insurance company called A-Plan which specialises in commercial vehicles, and we can put you in touch with them if you would like us to.

How to lower your chances of being a victim of van theft:

• Make sure you lock your van and close all the windows.

• Try and park so access to the doors is blocked.

• Park your van in a well-lit area: If your van is parked on your drive overnight, try getting outside LED lights with motion sensors.

• If you have a good alarm system protecting your tools then put a sticker up on the outside of your van letting potential thieves know. However, beware of stickers saying ‘No tools left in this van overnight’ as they don’t help prevent theft anymore (usually they are stuck on vans that do have tools left in them overnight!

• Consider taking your most valuable tools out of your van overnight. It might be a pain but could save you a lot of money. It is harder to break into a building than a van.

• Keep records/inventories of the tools left in your van, and also receipts. This all helps if you need to make a claim.

• Mark your tools with a UV pen so you can prove to the police if they recover your goods that they belong to you.

• Have Slamlocks or Deadlocks fitted to your van. Talk to one of our account managers about these.

• Van Boxes: There are different brands on the market but all will add to your tool security within your van.

If you are unlucky and become a victim of van theft make sure you report it to the police straight away so they can try and recover your van and/or goods. Also contact your insurance company straight away, if you leave it too long your claim may not be valid.

Don’t let this put you off leasing your next van, just be extra careful where you leave it and how you protect it. MW has fantastic special offers on lots of large, medium and small vans at the moment so give us a ring on 0116 2599548 to discuss your requirements or contact us using this link.