What are the Best Ford Vans for Business Lease?

By Lauren Bagnall
What are the Best Ford Vans for Business Lease?

Thinking of leasing a Ford van?

As far as business vans go, Ford is by far the most popular make that people go for. As of September 2021, Ford had the top two most registered vans in the UK, highlighting their reputability and popularity. No matter whether you're a self-employed business or one that requires a fleet of vans, Ford is probably on your list of considerations. Besides, they're not exceedingly popular for no good reasons. Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), you can browse our collection of vans to lease, and find exactly what you're looking for...

Ford vans are some of our most popular models on vehicle leasing deals, as customers know exactly what they're getting with Ford: reliability and practicality. But why are they so popular, and why are they often considered on van leasing deals? Read our handy guide below to find out more.

Ford Transit

If you're looking for a larger van for carrying heavier goods and machinery, the Ford Transit is hard to beat. It's probably the most common van found on UK streets, and has been a staple on the road since 1965. Currently in its 4th generation, the Ford Transit has been registered more than 24,800 times this year. It has a great reputation for being a trusty van, with great storage space and handling for an easy drive. It's come a long way since the 60s, with a better infotainment system and updated safety features.

The Ford Transit is a great option for a fleet of vans, and if you turn towards an affordable van leasing deal, you can manage your finances and provide your staff with brand new vans that fit the bill. We currently have this famous van on special offer for just £256.99* per month ex. VAT, making it a great choice for self-employed businesses too. The Transit can benefit all kinds of businesses, particularly those working in trade and even delivery drivers. To view our full collection of vehicle contracts on special offer, please visit us here.

Ford Transit Courier

If you're a self-employed, small business, or you're a mobile company, you may only need a smaller van to get you from A to B and zip around town with ease. The Ford Transit Courier is one of Ford's smaller vans, but it still has a commendable amount of internal storage space for your equipment and products. The Transit family wouldn't be complete without the Courier; it suits any business occasion, and provides a smaller vehicle when you don't have the space or capacity for a Transit or a Custom.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we have a wide range of Ford vehicles, from vans to the Fiesta or the Ranger. The Transit Courier is currently just £179.99* per month ex. VAT, one of the most affordable Ford vans around. If you would like to find out more about our vehicle leasing deals, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and a friendly member of our sales team will be happy to assist.

Ford Transit Custom

Although the Ford Transit is a staple amongst vehicles in the UK, the Ford Transit Custom overtakes it in the number of registrations this year. It was registered almost 40,000 times in the January to September 2021 period, and the new models are incredibly stylish and a great vehicle to have amongst your fleet. Auto Express even made it 'Van of the Year' this year, further highlighting its credibility. As far as medium vans go, the Transit Custom is hard to beat, with a great payload capacity and modern interiors to improve driver experience.

We currently have the Transit Custom on special offer for just £246.99* per month ex. VAT, perfect for businesses in need of a medium van on a budget. If you're a VAT registered business, you could enjoy tax and VAT benefits with van leasing, helping you not only save money when compared to buying outright, but for simply being a business. To view our full collection of van or car leasing deals, you can visit us on our website here.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing

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