Introducing Fords Latest Revolutionary Vans

By Jasmine Baker
Introducing Fords Latest Revolutionary Vans

Introducing Fords Latest Revolutionary Vans 2024

Ford is a name that we are all familiar with, and the new vans that they have to offer are nothing short of revolutionary. No matter what size van that you might need - small, medium or large, Ford have something for you. The Ford Transit Courier, Transit Custom and Transit Van are perfect examples. With new models recently released and more to come later in 2024 we thought it would be helpful to look a bit closer at each one so you can see if they are the right van for you.

The Ideal Courier

The Ford Transit Courier is a small but mighty van, and with the new design, Ford have managed to squeeze yet more space into it for your convenience. The new design is now big enough to accommodate two euro pallets; with an interior length of 1.8 meters and a height of 1.25 meters and the space between the wheel arches being increased to 1.22 meters, to allow more effective storage.

Red Ford Transit Courier

The all Electric version is available to order for delivery later this year, but until then you have two fantastic options with the Ecoboost 1.0 litre petrol engine and the Ecoblue with a 1.5 litre diesel engine. Both with a towing capacity of 1000kg or over.

Ford have also packed their new vans with the latest technology. The Courier is equipped with Intelligent Driving Assistance including Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane-Keeping, Pre-Collision Assist, Speed Assist, and Rear Parking Aid to help you park safer and smarter. The Ford SYNC 4 also ensures that your software is up-to-date and that you have the latest ‘health’ information about your van and traffic information and driver alerts.

Customize the Custom

The Ford Custom Transit is a versatile medium van, and with the new modification that Ford have added it just got better. You have an amazing 5.8–9.0 cubic metre load space and 1.327 kg payload, and its load through bulk head allows you to load items up to 3 meters long such as tubing or poles.

The Custom is available as a Plug in Hybrid which offers you about 30 miles of emission-free travel from its electric battery, or a 2.0 litre Ecoblue diesel. A fully electric version is available early this year (2024), and it’s rumoured to be able to give over 230 miles per charge.

The Ford Custom also comes with Pro Power Technology that allows you to plug in your power tools no matter where you are, so there is no location that you can not work from. You can also use it to plug in your laptop, lights or other things that you may need while on site.

Blue Ford Custom Pro Power Technology

Like the Courier, the Custom is packed with the latest technology and SYNC 4 means that you can use your van as a mobile office with 5G connectivity, smartphone integration and a tiltable steering wheel allowing you to place a laptop securely on and use it as a desk. The Ford Pro Service also allows you to be able to connect your smartphone to your van, or small fleet to be able to check their ‘health’ and keep track of fuel spending, repairs and the locations of other vans in your fleet.

Ford Pro Service Laptop on steering wheel

Transition To The Transit.

The Ford Transit Van is probably one of the most recognised vans out on the roads today, and the all electric e-Transit is also available, allowing you to travel emissions-free. With a 2108 kg pay load (1711 kg for the e Transit) and 15.1 cubic metre load space and over 3 meters in length, there is certainly enough space to pack everything in.

As you have come to expect from Ford, the Transit and the e-Transit are fully loaded with the latest technology and with the control buttons mounted on the steering wheel you are able to make best use of the tech without losing focus on the road in front of you.

Ford E-Transit Van

Ford EcoGuide analyses your driving - speed, frequency of stops and how many gear changes you make and shows you this information in an effort to help you drive more efficiently. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian detection scans the road ahead of you and alerts you to any dangers and allows you time to adjust your driving, however if you do not respond quick enough, then the system is able to automatically apply full brakes to avoid a collision or disaster.

Pro Power is also available with the Transit van, which means that no matter where you are then you are able to plug in and use the tools needed to get the job done, or you can plug your laptop in and keep your records up to date along the way by using your cab as a mobile office. SYNC 4 also allows you to connect to the cloud and for it to plan your best driving route to avoid any traffic accidents or delays.

Ford Pass Pro is an app that can be downloaded that works with FordPassConnect and allows you to check your vans' health, fuel consumption, brake discs, tyre pressure and more. It can track your driving and advise on ways to drive smarter, and it can even remotely lock your van and zonal locking allows you to control the cabin and the load doors separately for restricted access and added security.

Ford are excellent at making vans for every feasible possibility. The Transit Van is available as a standard van, double cab, single chassis, drop side, Luton, Tipper, long wheelbase and short wheelbase and so much more. They even have the ability to offer conversion packages so that you can have your van fitted to suit the needs of your business.

The Ford Transit comes in many forms and, and here and MW Vehicle Contracts we are happy to talk you through all the different options and help you get the right van for you. Leasing from us couldn’t be easier, and with both electric and traditional fuel options available, you really will be spoilt for choice. Ford help you to work smarter and not harder. Give us a call today for a personalised leasing deal.