Isuzu D-Max Pickup Leasing Review

By Libby Foster
Isuzu D-Max Pickup Leasing Review

Fancy leasing a Isuzu D-Max?

Pick-up truck rentals used to be simple. All you needed to get your vehicle onto farmyards and construction sites across the country was a large payload, an economical diesel engine, and reasonable dependability. But both the times and the Isuzu D-Max have evolved. People are increasingly preferring them over SUVs, partly thanks to the attractive company car tax rates, so it must also be comfortable, safe, and stylish enough to impress the neighbours. So before you take a look through our pickup leasing deals read our Isuzu D-Max review to make sure it’s the right option for you. 

Pickup Leasing: Isuzu D-Max Drive 

The Isuzu D-engine Max's selection is simply because there is only one: a 162bhp 1.9-litre diesel. That may not seem like much, but even in its bulkiest double cab configuration, it can carry a greater maximum payload than the comparable Ford Ranger. The Isuzu engine pulls well from low revs but immediately runs out of puff. It doesn't feel any slower than a base Toyota Hilux, but the most powerful variants of that and the Ranger hit highway speeds much faster. 

The D-Max feels right at home scrambling over heavily rutted off-road terrain since suspension noise is effectively managed. In reality, it manages almost as well as the Hilux thanks to a locking rear differential and a lot of suspension articulation to keep its wheels on the ground in tense situations.

Isuzu D-Max Interior  

When you get inside, the Isuzu D-Max has a well-designed cabin with a good driving position and lumbar support on the driver's seat in all models. However, some people would prefer that the steering wheel protrude further from the dashboard. Visibility is good thanks to a good forward view, large door mirrors, and slim side pillars. The DL20 comes standard with rear parking sensors, while the DL40 gets them on both ends, as well as a reversing camera.

The top-spec V-Cross has an upgraded 9.0in infotainment system, while DL40 D-Max vehicles come standard with 7.0in systems. Although it responds to your commands quite rapidly, the Ford Ranger system is less user-friendly and has less appealing aesthetics. The Isuzu D-Max has soft-touch plastics on top of the dashboard, unlike many pickup trucks, and higher-end models have painted trim highlights around the gear lever, infotainment screen, and door cards to visually accentuate the interior.

Isuzu D-Max Space 

The Isuzu D-Max is a large vehicle with plenty of head, leg, and shoulder room for even the biggest builders with extra large tool belts to get comfortable. Each door has two bottle compartments, four cup holders, a cubby in front of the gear shift, and a centre console bin underneath the armrest. There are also two covered nooks in the dashboard and a decent glove box. The storage nook above the glove box in DL40 and V-Cross models, on the other hand, is mostly occupied by the disc reader for the navigation system.

To store a pricey bike or other expensive equipment inside the D-Max, you can fold down the seat backs or flip up the seat bases in a 60/40 split. The car jack and toolbox are revealed by the latter action. One tie-down hoop is located on each corner of the bed, and double cab models have a damped tailgate for simple opening. You can stand on the steps on the rear bumper to reach over the sides of the truck's bed and access anything within.

About MWVC 

At MWVC, we have a range of Isuzu D-Max lease offers to satisfy every driver's requirement for picking the ideal pickup for themselves or their business. So, whether you're looking to lease a car for business use or personal use, our knowledgeable sales team can assist you in finding the greatest price. Are you still unsure if pickup leasing is the best option for you? One of our representatives will be pleased to assist you if you call 0116 490 4113.

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