Our Mercedes-Benz CLA Review

By Libby Foster
Our Mercedes-Benz CLA Review
Though the Mercedes-Benz CLA is built on the A-Class hatchback, it has a lot more flair, from the twin "power domes" on the bonnet to the roofline's arched, coupé-like shape to the tail. Indeed, the interior is largely carried over from the A-Class. But, that’s not necessarily a negative thing, though, as it means you'll get tactile materials and a layout resembling the S-Class limousine.

Thinking about leasing a Mercedes-Benz CLA?

So, for those who want to continue worshipping at the altar of design despite trading in karaoke and kayaking for kids and everything else, here is the perfect family vehicle for you. But how does the CLA stack up against its rivals, which also include the Volkswagen Arteon and Audi A5 Sportback? Let’s find out together. 

Mercedes-Benz CLA Drive

The CLA 220d's 2.0-litre diesel engine, which is also used in the C-Class and E-Class saloons, is a significant improvement over the noisy 2.1-litre engine used in the CLA's predecessor. The 220d has more than adequate power; substantial acceleration may be achieved with just a light press of the accelerator pedal. At idle, you will experience some vibrations via the seat, steering wheel, and pedals, but as soon as you begin to move, these virtually disappear. Additionally, any gruffness is kept to a minimum even when accelerating quickly, and engine noise is almost nonexistent when travelling on a cruise.

When you're simply driving about town, the CLA 200's 1.3-litre petrol engine is more than adequate. It also has the power to handle longer highway trips. But you have to work hard, and when you do, it starts to sound pretty gritty. It doesn't feel as powerful as its 161bhp output promises. A 134bhp CLA 180 is also available, but it's better to stay away from it because it's the weakest engine in the series and feels much less nimble than the CLA 200.

The plug-in hybrid CLA 250e has the same 1.3-litre petrol engine but pairs it with an electric motor that boosts performance, making it nearly as speedy as the CLA 250. This plug-in CLA not only moves at a remarkable rate, but it can also go up to 44 miles on just electric power. The 33-mile Volkswagen Arteon plug-in hybrid can only get you so far, and the A5 Sportback doesn't even have a plug-in hybrid model.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Interior 

The interior of the CLA has a significant wow factor, especially if dual 10.3-inch screens are specified (as standard, the infotainment screen is that size, but the instrumentation is displayed on a 7.0in monitor). The visuals' extremely sharp clarity helps. The many menus are sensibly put out, and you may navigate by tapping on-screen icons, using snappy touchpads to scroll, or by speaking commands to a system that recognises your normal speech rather than forcing you to memorise complex commands. Usability is also outstanding.

Through a convenient tray that is placed in front of the primary infotainment touchpad, the CLA also offers wireless phone charging. Mercedes' adoption of USB Type-C connectors is also cutting-edge, though you'll likely need to purchase an adaptor before you can plug in most of your devices.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Space 

Even with the coupé-like roofline, the front seats have plenty of headroom, especially if you forego the panoramic sunroof that is part of the Premium Plus package, which is available. Unfortunately, the situation is not the same quality in the rear of the vehicle; granted, there is plenty of legroom, but if you're taller than six feet, your bonce will be rubbing against the headliner.

Things are similarly mixed in the boot, which measures 460 litres, slightly more than the 465-litre Audi A5 Sportback and comfortably larger than Mercedes' own 355-litre A-Class hatchback. However, loading is more difficult due to the CLA's high lip and narrow aperture. If you choose the plug-in hybrid CLA 250e, your boot space will be reduced by 60 litres.

Our Conclusion 

In conclusion, while some of its competitors are more enjoyable to drive, the Mercedes CLA is a sophisticated, secure, and fashionable option that is fully loaded with great technology.

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