Our Mercedes Citan Van Review

By Emily Fletcher
Our Mercedes Citan Van Review
As you may have already guessed, the new Mercedes Citan is aiming for the top of the class, although the first-generation model wasn't quite up to the standards of most competitors in the small van market. The second-generation Citan, like the original, shares the majority of its basic components with the Renault Kangoo. Though the first van was just a Kangoo with a new nameplate, Mercedes claims it has been more involved this time to make the most recent model a stand-alone product.

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Yet, the Mercedes Citan we're looking at will require all of its available resources to compete with its talented small van opponents, such as the Ford Transit Connect and VW Caddy Cargo.

Mercedes Citan Drive

Mercedes citran van

The Mercedes Citan feels very different to drive despite having many of the same mechanical components as the Renault Kangoo; this is a result of the numerous modifications Mercedes' engineers have made to the compact van.

Drivers seeking a variety of power options will initially be let down because there is just one engine available at launch. The six-speed manual gearbox of the 110 diesel's six-speed manual transmission produces a fast and precise action while producing 94 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. Even when fully loaded, the Citan is unlikely to run out of steam due to a respectable amount of power for its size.

The most recent model is quieter than the van from the first generation. The completely redesigned underpinnings have significantly increased the sound deadening, lowering both engine and road noise. Even while the diesel engine's subdued thrum generally masks the wind noise, part of it is still fairly audible.

Mercedes Citan Interior

The interior of the Citan unmistakably has the Mercedes-Benz feel to it thanks to a good selection of high-end materials and a multifunction steering wheel with leather trim. The controls for the digital instrument cluster and the 5.0-inch MBUX infotainment screen are located in the centre of the dashboard.

With high levels of perceived quality and a good selection of equipment, including standard-fit air conditioning and smartphone connectivity, it's a great redesign of the Renault Kangoo inside.

Mercedes Citan Space

The main takeaway in regards to space when it comes to the Citan is that you can carry more inside this second-generation Mercedes Citan since it is broader and longer than the first model.

The vehicle will eventually be offered in two body lengths, but for the time being, there is just one L1 van in the standard length with a 2.9m3 loadspace. That is less than the VW Caddy Cargo but the same volume as the Ford Transit Connect (3.1m3).

The maximum width of the Citan is 1524mm, and the entire load length is 1806mm. A 1256mm internal height. With a gross vehicle weight of 2.23 tonnes and a maximum payload of 667 kg, most small vans are capable of towing substantially more weight. The Citan has a 1.5-ton towing capacity.

Our Verdict

The Citan has a fun driving, a stylish interior, and a full complement of safety equipment, but because of its high price and limited utility, most small van buyers will be better off shopping elsewhere, most notably the closely related Renault Kangoo.

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